With the Debate Over the U.S Speaker - Is There an Attempt to Recess the Current Congressional Session

The First American Revolutionary Period was from 1763 to 1783, and a time frame to creating the United States of America, and placing our new "government" went as such:
1763, the First Peace Treaty of Paris allowed several land divisions to change hands between Great Britain, France, and Spain.
Between 1764 and 1774, the British and the Americans began discussions trying to find a balanced approach to governing over the Northeastern Territory (i.e. the 13 Colonies).
Beginning in 1775, it was learned that the two sides could not find a peaceful, or agreed-upon means of governing the Territory.

In 1776, the Northeast Territory (13 Colonies) agreed to sign resolutions, to agree to adopt a Formal Declaration to Become Sovereign People, with the ability to govern themselves, tax themselves, and make themselves EQUAL to the "Monarch". Then in 1777, they adopted the Articles of Confederation, thus Organizing the Northeastern Territory as the United States of America, thus putting in place their Temporary Government, of which each Colony would Choose a Delegate to a National Congress to set policy, that Congress would appoint a Congressional President to serve 1 year each, and together, would adopt Ordinances, Codes, and Rules to Govern the Territory...

Between 1778 and 1782 became the "Transition Period" from the Old British Government, to the newly created American Government, under what now has been determined to be a Temporary Govt. During the year 1783, the two sides finally decided to call peace and Sign the Second Peace Treaty of Paris which would ultimately decide the terms agreed to.

They would agree to the following terms - Pay Restitutions to All British Loyalists and citizens for all Lands within the territory which would now be conveyed to the United States, they would agree to pay back British Loans to the Bank of London, and they would agree to Establish a Central Bank.
In 1785, they drafted the Northwest Ordinance which became an adopted ordinance by 1788, which was a plan to give the United States the conveying Northwest Territory, which would set planning and zoning codes that would lead to the creation of 5 New States in the future - Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana.

It would then be the period between 1786 to 1792 which would become the period in which the Americans would establish their Permanent, and Fulltime Central Government which they would create in their Image.

By 1789, they adopted the United States Constitution, which put in place that Government, of which the Old Congress transitioned into the New Congress, which was done in 3 steps.

The National Congress (1787-1788 and 1789-90) would proceed over this transition, as the following New Congress Came into Power:
  • 1st Class of Senators were Installed for the Term of 1791-92; along with the first class in the U.S House (each a two-year term);
  • 2nd Class of Senators were Installed for the Term of 1793-94, along with the second class in the U.S House;
  • 3rd Class of Senators was Installed for the Term of 1795-96; along with the third class in the U.S. House.
The Senators could serve 6 years, so long as the State Legislators reaffirmed them, while the U.S HOUSE members had to run for reelection every two years, allowing the People to change their minds.
Remember the PEOPLE of the States elected their Legislators every two years, so the Legislators could then change the U.S. senator (s) every two years if they so choose as well.

From 1789 to 1913 - over a period of 6 years, the Legislators and the People could replace their "representatives" every two years, meaning, under these rules, South Dakota could easily have chosen 9 new Congressman over a 6 year period...while choosing a new President every 4 years.

Today, with No Speaker of the House - the Congressmen in the U.S House of Representatives are saying, "we" expect to pass no new laws for a period of two years, or until a new President is chosen, meaning, this may be a fight between the Neocon-Republicans and Democrats vs the American First Republicans.

What we could be seeing, is that "Transition" from the Corporate Deep State Government, back to the "Republic" that existed prior to 1871.

With No House Speaker, Congress cannot pass any legislation, and with no speaker, the Senate and House battle it out over what to do with the Finances, and how to manage the Federal Government in the meantime during the Trials of Donald Trump, and the Investigations of Joe Biden is being settled.
This essentially brings all "Business of the Government '' to a halt, until they work out their differences and the States decide on their New President. Meanwhile, no new budgets can be agreed upon, meaning the federal government is bound to the last adopted budget, which was agreed to during the 2021-22 Congressional Session. 

Think About It - They Have Stalled the Congressional Term of 2023-24, which allows for a brief "recess" to take place until the next Congressional Term of 2025-26 may begin. This now becomes the strategy to force changes in governance to occur.