Historical Stories of South Dakota or the City of Sioux Falls

The Washington Pavilion

Thirty Years Later - Preservation of Public Land
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Ordinance of 1785

Later known as the Northwest Ordinance of 1787.
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Huset's Speedway

Seney Island


Elmwood Park

What if we can turn Elmwood Park into something special for Families, and Children, much like its own history.
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The Long Lost Second Island

Once upon a time, the City Of Sioux Falls had two major islands within the main business district of the Town.
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W.H. Lyons Racetrack

The track was very large, where most tracks are 1/2 mile in length, the W.H Lyons Track was actually a 5/8 mile length track.
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W.H. Lyons County Fairgrounds

The History of the W. H Lyon Property Mirrors the Same Period of which the City of Sioux Falls Was Established.
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Soo Speedway

The track that made East Sioux Falls the place to be in the 1950's.
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The Former Downtown Sioux Falls Traffic Loop

East, West Merging Lanes @ Grange Avenue
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Do You Remember - RAMP TO NOWHERE

Historic Downtown Sioux Falls: When Trolley Rides Were a Nickel