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As a duly elected Precinct Committeeman, Mike Zitterich of Precinct 05-22 - it is my goal, and ambition to work with as many residents of the State, to help them become active voters, to help the residents engage with one another, and to better inform the citizens of the State of South Dakota on our Federal and State Constitution, all State Statutes, Local Ordinances, and all political concepts, agendas, helping to become a voice for the people, and by the people.

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The Manner of Choosing the President of United States

The People "Elect" their Common Representatives as in their Federal House of RepsState LegislatorsCounty CommissionsAuditorsTreasurersDistrict Attorneys, MayorsCity CouncilsCounty and Precinct Committee PeoplePresidential Electors.
The Legislators and Qualified Voters choose their Presidential Electors, and choose their U.S Senators in Congress.
There are 535 National Districts equal to each state's Congressional Senators and Representatives.
The "Qualified Voters" vote inside their "DIstrict" to choose their preference for President.
Qualified Voters are Americans to hom have declared for themselves to be Domiciled in "Your State's Political Subdivision" - they cannot be a registered voter in more than one state, and can only vote lawfully under one County, and only in one Precinct, of which, the Legislators create alignments of their "National Presidential Districts" to hich, South Dakota gets 3 Districts. As States, the Supreme Court ruled that an American's Right to Travel cannot be restricted by lack of residence in a specific state, but the States themselves may cut off registrations at a specific # of days prior a public electon.
Once the States "cut off registrations, typically 30 to 45 days prior elections, the Secretaries of State and County Auditors then must investigate, audit, and ensure that no Non-Qualified Voter is able to vote in their State, let alone, begin the process of preparing their Poll Books, Ballots, and Organizing the Precincts, the Voters ahead of the Statewide Election.
The "Elector" (as per district) heads to a National Convention - typically held in each State Capitol to vote.
Each "Elector" gets to vote for one candidate chosen by their District;
Each Elector gets to vote for an Alternate Choice for Candidate and has to be someone from outside their state borders.
The Legislators then have to tally up all Candidates receiving votes, certifying that 'choice'.
The Popular Vote does not choose any candidate, nor should it.
Finally, the Congress before a Joint Session opens up each State's Certified Certificates, and takes a roll call vote.
IF members of Congress object to any of the certificates, they then meet in each Chamber to discuss the objections, to determine their legality, any such conflicts, any such issues...
Congress then declares whether or not a candidate should be disqualified, decommissioned, or removed.
They then count the # of candidates, and the candidate receiving 50% plus 1 becomes president.
IF, if no candidate after all objections, disqualifications, candidates removed obtain the proper 50% plus 1, then the Congress has to take the top 3 candidates receiving votes, seal them on a ballot, and then, finally the State Legislatures have to vote to choose a State Delegate, that then goes to Congress to cast 1 Vote for President.
The Senate then chooses the Vice President by taking a roll call vote in the Senate Chamber.
Because America is NOT a Democracy, the People choose their "representatives" aka the ELECTORS that then form a National College of Delegates, thus representing the "People" as per each District.
The PEOPLE therefore meet in each District, hold committeescommissions, sometimes a District Convention, to nominate candidates, let alone vote for Candidates as per Districts, thus sending their "ELECTOR" to the National Convention, held in each "State Capitol" at a Time, Place, and Manner decided by Congress.
Congress sets up the second Tuesday of November, every 4 years, to be the "Date" that the "People of Each District" are to Hold a General Election to cast their deciding choice for President of their District.
The ELectors then get to cast one choice for the DIstrict, and one alternate choice for President from a list of candidates outside the State border.
An imperfect system, that does not always choose the most populist candidate, but protects each State's Sovereignty, held by the People of Each State, as defined by "National Districts', small groups of people themselves.
*     *     *     *     *     *
Directed to the People of the State of South Dakota (A Republic), the State Legislature, and to the Counties of S.D: 

I drafted this quick assessment of the political battle inside the State of South Dakota over how to elect the Lt. Governor, Attorney General, and Secretary of State. Mind you, I am a firm believer in the Republic, for which it stands, and I support, and believe in the constitution, and the process of keeping a firm control on the State Government, let alone, the State Government keeping a firm control on the Federal Government itself further. But the processes must be such that the People maintain their authority themselves. As the State Senate goes to battle over control of these 3 Important At-Large Positions, Please Read. 
Does the Lt. Governor truly Represent the Governor, does he represent the "People"? 
A year ago, I had written an article explaining in my opinion, the role the Lt. Governor plays in State Government. The constitution places the Lt Governor under the authority of the Governor, the "governor" thereby sets his pay, but duties of the Lt. Governors can also be found under State Affairs & Government. 
The Governor does in fact set the pay of the Lt. Governor, but the Legislature determines the minimum and maximum that the position can be compensated, plus may set other compensation as per services provided to the state government itself. 
Previously, I had compared the role of Lt. Governor to a role as Chief Secretary of the Executive Branch - a Chief Secretary is the title of a senior civil servant in members of the State of South Dakota, and, historically, in the United States, the Chief Secretary is the second most important official in the state after the Governor, typically termed the 'Statewide Secretary' and often an office held by a Premier or a similar politically elected minister, and with a portfolio which were equivalent to what was later termed the Home Secretary's office.
At minimum, under the direction of State Government Affairs, the Lt. Governor has the responsibility of taking Citizens Complaints acting as a lead investigator to inspect, investigate, and provide a report of all State Departments, Offices, Agencies of the State Government. The position has been given to the Lt. Governor to work more closely to the "People". 
Who are the people? The People of the Counties aka the County Sheriffs, Auditors, Treasurers, District Attorneys, Commissioners, the County and Precinct Committeemen and women orking side by side to hold the State Government accountable to its constitutional duties, responsibilities, and jobs. 
So, it is important, if you so choose to maintain some sense of Separability between the Governor and Lt. Governor, then you cannot allow the Governor to choose his, or her running mate, let alone allo for the "Party Executive Heads" to pick the Lt. Governor, directing the "Governor" to hand-select the position themselves. You want someone serving as Lt. Governor that can act independently from the Governor, let alone be able to 'freely investigate' the State Government separate from the Governor. 
While the Governor has become someone "directly" nominated, petitioned, and elected by the Popular Opinion of the Voters, that person is strongly supported by some of the largest, and most populated counties of the Republic of South Dakota. Then the Lieutenant Governor must be chosen by means of a Statewide Convention of Legislative Delegates, County and Precinct Committeemen and women by a majority vote of 1,580 Elected Persons of the Counties themselves. 
That means, heras the Largest Counties get to elect the Governor of the State, the Lt. Governor is chosen equally, by means of earning the public support of 791 Elected Party Representatives of the Legislature, the Counties, and the Precincts. 
The same process that plays out inside the Republican Party, also plays out inside the Democrat Party also, meaning even the Democrat's of the State can send the very same people to a convention to sit down and meet with, and choose the Lt. Governor.
This means that if the People are well organized in the State under both the Republican and Democrat Parties - we are talking about 3,160 Elected People of the Counties that represent the people directly, to cast 1 vote each for theirBut chosen Lt. Governor of the State.
But because the democrats cannot get their people elected into the legislature, nor any of the At-Large Constitutional Offices, they are trying to circumvent the process, by convincing the Republican Party Members to place the Lt. Governor on a public ballot. This may then allo for the "voters" in the ten most populous counties to inject a Democrat into the Executive Branch, to combat the Republican Governor. 
To combat this move, the Republican Party Executive Leaders, a Small Faction of the State Senate have colluded together to steal the entire process completely, by allowing the "states popular choice for governor" to choose his, or her on running mate completely, from a list of nominations by the South Dakota legislature itself.  And knowing that a small faction of the Legislature are "Left of Center", even a smaller # of people are choosing your "Lieutenant Governor".  Hardly a compromise at all. 
Honestly speaking, if the Popular Choice for Lt. Governor from Sioux FallsRapid CityPierreAberdeenChamberlainMitchelHuronWatertownBrookingsBrandon greater authority to choose your states "second in command" of the Executive Branch. Meaning, that if the statutes are changed, you are giving preference to 30 State Legislators to control that choice. 
Thirty of your State Legislators are proclaiming that it is wrong to allo 800 people to choose the Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, and Attorney General, but in reality, an even smaller number of people are going to recommend, and choose those positions. 
Ironically, knowing the fact, of those 10 most populous counties (cities), Democrats can play a huge role in choosing the "Republican" choice for Lt. Governor...
This next statement says it all, as to why the Legislature so, chose Larry Rhoden to be their choice for Lt. Governor: 
"In 2000, Larry was elected to the state legislature. During his time as a citizen legislator, his peers repeatedly selected him to serve in leadership, and he's shown an aptitude for getting things done. Larry has served as House Majority Leader and has chaired both the Senate and House State Affairs Committees. Larry worked with Governor Noem to reform South Dakota's tax code, led efforts to repeal the so-called "Trucker's Tax," and shaped legislation to limit the government's eminent domain authority. His work earned him the American Conservative Union's highest ranking in 2017. He served as Interim Secretary of the South Dakota Department of Agriculture from May 2020, to September 2020."
During the last Republican Party Convention, the battle for control of the Party became obvious, it came became obvious, that the People of the Counties (committeemen and women) had a glaring difference in choices for Lt Governor between themselves and the popular opinion of the S.D Legislature, let alone the popular opinion of the Legislative Districts themselves. 
Kristi Noem did manage to gain a large following, popular vote victory in the State Primary Election, but on a county by county level, the people had chosen elected representatives that presented a much different picture. Of the 689 Precincts, a large majority of Qualified Voters had shon a glaring dispute between themselves and Kristi Noem on policies, enough of a difference, to cast a vote for Steve Haugaard. To them, they see it as the opportunity to hold Kristi Noem Accountable to the Counties. 
The People of the Counties, despite the popular vote clearly in Kristi Noem's advantage, it became obvious, the voters in the Counties clearly began to organize together, to hold the governor accountable. For they chose to support the following people: 
  • Steve Haugaard for Lt. Governor - this allowed the "Counties to hold accountable the Governor, most likely to inspecting, investigating, and auditing more closely the State Departments, Offices, and Agencies of the State itself; 
  • David Natvig for Attorney General - this allowed the Counties to continue investigating many of the same things that their former Attorney General, Jason Ravsborg had faithfully doing over his four years leading up to his impeachment trial; 
  • Monea Johnson for Secretary of State - the People of the Counties chose her to enforce our election rules, codes, thus choosing to investigate, and audit the previous elections, let alone enforcing election integrity throughout the State itself.
Despite losing the Secretary of State, the Establishment were able to maintain their control of the Lt Governor and Attorney General, thus aligning themselves very close to Kristi Noem, therefore, ending all Investigations against her, and the State itself.
30 State Legislators are at full odds between themselves and the People of the Counties over control of Statewide Affairs. 
South Dakota has 66 Counties, and as more Counties become more organized, the more the Legislature loses their Control. This is seemingly a political battle for control in Pierre, and if these 30 Legislators get their victory, the counties therefore lose.
S.B 13 has been amended, and passed by the Senate Judiciary by Yes Votes by - Shoenbeck, Nesiba, Diebert, Davis, Rohl, Duhamel, Tobin, Crabtree - these selected Senators support S.B 13 and the Continued Destruction of the Republic. 
As an Elected Precinct Committeeman myself, I have made a strong effort to help educate, inform, and better help the people of Sioux Falls learn more about themselves, their State, and City Governments. I also have been active in trying to Restore the Republic, ensuring that the People themselves play an active role in the "State", and it all begins in the Counties (precincts). 
*      *      *      *      *      *
Are Churches Today Becoming Socialist, Marxist, Communistic Temples to Start a Revolutionary Culture Change? 
There is coming out soon, called Enemies from within, that is exposing how our churches, places of worship are being infiltrated by the far-left, marxist, communist political groups of people today. 
According to Brannon Howse, "Yeah, absolutely. Well one would be this idea that we owe the poor as much money as we can give them. There’s an article in Christianity Today a few years ago where Tim Keller is being interviewed and he said that. “We owe the poor as much money as we can give them.” That’s nowhere in the Bible. These guys take a lot of verses in the New Testament dealing with the New Testament Church and they take the word poor, which often is dealing with the spiritual poor, the spiritual bankrupt, the beggar who cannot save himself, he’s spiritually bankrupt. That’s why Christ cried out on the cross, “It is finished. Debt paid in full.” Banking term. The righteous life of Christ can be imputed or credited to your account through faith and repentance, two sides of a coin. “By grace, through faith you’re saved. Now of yourself.” He mentioned both. That was a banking term. It’s a transaction. Debt paid in full. It’s done. “We’ve been put on the auction block and we were on the auction block and our master was sin. We’ve been purchased with a price. We are not our own. Christ bought us with His own blood.”
The Marxist, Social Justice type pastors here in America have been infiltrated to teach their congregations that we must give to the poor, just cause we can, and without no understanding the fact that the New Testament never said nothing about redistribution of wealth. 
Just look what happened in the 1950's, they passed a law that allows churches to become tax exempt, so long as they do not involve themselves in politics, under Lyndon Johnson, creating the infamous 501-c3 tax exempt institutions. 
Over the next decades they removed prayer from public schools, institutions, then they convinced the Supreme Court to set precedent in the Roe V wade case, allowing people to precure abortions, then they took the "Family" our homes, leading to monstrous levels of divorce, leading to the feminist movement, to finally today, pushing to destroy men, by feminising them, by turning them gay, trans-sexual, to entraping our children today a life of de-humanized hormonal treatments to steal their identity. 
Our churches today have become tools to push Maxist, Socialist Ideas, in the name of Scripture, by testing the words of the bible.
The Marxist view used historical materialism to claim that Capitalism has created a system of oppression against the working-class, but such a system is embedded in a cultural sphere based upon Christianity. Marx adopted Atheism into the theoretical framework of Marxism and Communism to challenge and eventually destroy Christianity and Capitalism.  
Karl Marx was one of the most influential people that has ever lived. Marx was not only a philosopher, but an economist, political theorist, journalist and sociologist that tried to understand history and human development across time. He theorized that human societies develop through class struggle and conflict inheriting Hegel’s dialectic to understand human history and progress based upon historical materialism. His work was even crucial for Jewish revolutionaries that compared his work to the Bible (Stern, 2018), and helped Jewish scholars develop insights into messianic theories and adopted materialism to understand Jewish history (Stern, 2018). 
Marx elaborated that human history could only be understood by having Man as the central focus instead of God or a divine creator, since Man used human-labor to survive on this planet, and did not have the help of a divine being or God (Myers, 1981) to minimize death nor injustices. Conceptually speaking Atheism was connected and fundamental to the revolutionary movement that Marx intended for humanity: Communism, the rejection of God as the explanation for the world's misfortunes and fortunes. Instead, focusing on economic and materialistic conditions that Man uses to exploit others and write human history. All in all, Marx defended that social rationality and mass consciousness could only be achieved after the dissolution of religious consciousness and dogmas from the population that made Men alienated across human history (Meyers, 1981). And if so, Man can also change history for its own advantage by reshaping and destroying the current social order. 
Over-time, as more churches have become 501-C3 Exempt Institutions for pushing for, and lobbying for more public policies of creating massive programs to provide aid to the poor, by demonizing the real teachings of the new testament, churches, led by their pastors have become more Marxist themselves, guiding their institutions, their congregations to become more focused on raising monies, to divide people on the account of race, class-distinction between rich and poor, thus setting us up on this battle between male and female today. 
By removing the Church from our public means of governing the country today, you distract the people from using their better judgement, morality, and religion as a guidepost to good, strong, public policy of limited government, alloing the government to interfere in the social lifestyles of the people beneath it today. 
Cultural Marxism is this atheistic Marxist view, a worldview counter in every regard to a Judeo Christian worldview and of necessity counter to the Constitution, counter to absolute truth, counter to the family, counter to justice made up of truth and mercy as we understand. Basically, everything that every American who is listening to the program right now have taken for granted that America is or has been, cultural Marxism flips it on its head. Change their worldview, you change their values. Change their values, you change their conduct. You change their worldview, as you just said, and when you do that you’re changing their values. Now all of a sudden you get them to want to embrace Marxism, but it’s a cultural Marxism. It’s the values. If you can get them to embrace the values of Marx, of Marxism, socialism, redistribution of wealth, community wise the end of private property for the common good, human flourishing, social justice, sustainable development, all masking terms for the same thing, if you create the crisis, you create an economic crisis, you create a family crisis, you create a criminal crisis, you create an education crisis, you create an environmental crisis, you create all these crisis and then the solution is big government.
You see this in the policies coming from the District of Columbia, out of Congress, they are alloing for mass migration into the country today, by promising more benefits to foreigners, many of hich are enemies of the Free Republic of male and female. 
Oklahoma resident, Judith Leblance, a member of the tribal nations of Oklahoma, and the Director of the Native Organizers Alliance, and a member of Communist Party U.S.A is pushing for, and leading the charge for promoting Marxist, Communstic Ideals in America, and one of them is letting Illegals into the Country. hereas, today, Oglala Sioux Tribe President Frank Star is banishing S.D Governor Kristi Noem from his Sovereign Tribal Borders for her role in standing alongside the State of Texas in stopping Illegal Migration into America.
You have the United States Congress that has adopted recently, a federal statute that lets the S.E.C create a National Asset Company, that places ALL "Public Lands" including National Parks, Nature Reserves, and Other Lands to be placed on the "Market" letting Foreigners purchase land, thus giving them the ability to reside, sell their labor, and travel inside America Illegally. This is seemingly, alloing the Cartels into our borders, creating the intent of increasingly inviting Drug, Sex, and Human Trafficking to occur stronger than ever.
In November 1837, Karl Marx writes to his father that a curtain has fallen, and his belief that new Gods have to be installed (Marx, 1837), concerned his dad who was a Christian and until that time saw Marx as a professed Christian also. In upcoming poems and writings Marx started to exhibit the belief in the Devil, mainly in his poem called “The Pale Maiden”, where he directly states that his soul that belonged to God, as chosen hell, and thus, the Devil.  “Thus, heaven I've forfeited, I know it full well. My soul, once true to God, Is chosen for hell.”
On that day, a Lucefarian Movement had begun, and a cultural shift to modern day, One world Government had entered the fray. 
Beginning in the year 1990, President George Bush expanded upon this, by announcing to the world , the New world Order has arrived, and the shift to a more sustainable lifestyle, marxist control of property has come into full understanding, that your government has refocased itself to become more controlling, and hands on ithin the economy today. 
More and More Federal Tax Dollars has been taken from American People, in return, the Government has promised to pay off all the debts of the less fortunate, handing out tax subsidies for Housing, Food, Childcare, to yes, using your law enforcement to implement many of these policies, with the intent on entrapping many Americans today to a life of tax enslavement. 
Through it all, the Church, led by their Pastors have become more in tune convincing their congregations to provide social welfare.
More than ever today, you have seen an advent of these New Testament Churches spring up, not based on morals or faith, but based on establishing for themselves the means of raising large amounts of "revenues" to transfer, and redistribute wealth today.
To make this all ork You must create a crisis. You must create a coalition of victims. You must create racial offenses where there are no racial offenses. I live in Memphis. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Was killed in Memphis. We do not have the racial problems, the liberals and the poverty pimps and the race baiters want us to have. They want us to have a crisis. Let me tell you, we’ve had them in the past. Memphis is not like that largely at all today. Many people of different groups of people groups get along very well. They don’t want that. They need people at each other’s throats to create a victim coalition, whether it’s the poor, minorities, homosexuals, the liberation movement, immigrants. They must create a coalition. The feminists. They must create a victim of coalitions and then say, “Okay. Who’s oppressing them?”
It would be people like George Soros who is helping to fund the Evangelical immigration tables, which includes major pro-family leaders. George Soros is funding that. His Open Society Foundation, which is all about ending national borders. He’s a globalist, so you don’t have borders, you don’t have immigration policy, you have no country, you have no sovereignty. He also is trying to collapse currency.  George Soros, the Rockefeller Foundation, the [inaudible 00:17:07] Foundation, the Kern Family Foundation. The John Templeton Foundation.  This money has come into the Evangelical world from these non-profit groups.
Reece Commission in 1954 did a whole study and found that the same foundations, the Rockefeller, Ford Foundation, the Carnegie Foundation, were funding back in the ’40s and ’50s the writing of our educational curriculum to teach America’s children collectivism, socialism. Not individuality, but socialism. This was going on with a congressional committee known as the Reece Committee in 1954 to show this was happening.  In fact, Ronald Reagan commissioned a report in the 1980s called A Nation at Risk, released in 1983. They said that if another country did to our educational system what we had done, we would consider it an act of war. 
We are talking about cultural Marxism in the Church, but cultural Marxism comes from political Marxism, which is only atheistic. It is all anti-God, and that’s what we’re talking about. We’re saying it is finding its way into the Church. Saying that Jesus would have certain things done in the Church and government should do certain things, but not what the Bible really says.
Until now, they have used Public Education, the Media, Hollywood, and today, they are Beginning to find their way into the Church itself. 
Look around, all these newly created Churches are sprouting up all around us, the goal of these Non-Profit Organizations are not to teach the bible, but to manipulate it, and misrepresent it, by creating these 501-c3 organizations, they are creating money laundering machines to bring in massive levels of migrants, from all around the world today, that intend to promise them benefits, shelter, hole in return, they build expand their cartels of drugs, sex, and human trafficking. This is why I must stress the importance of Defending, Enforcing,  and Protecting Our Southern Border. 
The 5-4 Supreme Court vote is a constitutional decision, the court is correct. But what has been lost in all of this, and many do not realize, is this is the hat the court really said...
The Court has told the Federal Government, the Biden Administration, to do its job, it has the constitutional authority to police, and protect the national border, keeping the states safe, protected, and free from invasion. But at the same time, it told Texas that it also has the right to do so, in the event the Federal Government failed at its duties. That the States have the constitutional authority to act as one group to arm themselves, protect themselves, and police the border, just as they agreed to in 1777, 1791, and again by means of their state constitutions. 

Most importantly, the Supreme Court has put the Federal Government, let alone the Biden Administration on notice - it can choose to do its job, police, and protect the Southern Border, or if they do not, then it appears to the American People that Joe Biden, and the Federal Government are intentionally allowing for mass immigration into the country, allowing the "States' to be invaded, by our enemies, ruining our economy itself. And that alone, is treason alone. 
The Supreme Court has said, both Texas and the Federal Government are correct in their duties to uphold, and enforce the Southern Border. 
Donald Trump, instructing the Republican Party members in the U.S House to not adopt, nor pass the Democrat border bill, no places the Federal Government, the Biden Administration on high alert. pass meaningful border protection, without the extra money to defend other countries.
IF, the Biden Administration chooses to fund Ukraine, Israel, and Other Countries, while using U.S Military to attack Americans in Texas, then it further raises the question that Joe Biden is committing treason against the States, and for that, he can be prosecuted. 

There is a process that needs to be followed, that process includes the U.S House bringing forth Impeachment Articles, the U.S Senate has to place the Biden Administration on Trial, and then vote to remove Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and any such U.S Senator aiding, embedding, the Biden Administration, let alone, Joe Biden then if found guilty of treason, of high crimes, he then loses his Immunity.  Excellently Played by Donald Trump. 
America First. The ability to use our Morals, Trust, and Faith in God, to Preserve, Protect, and Defend Ourselves from Our Public Enemies. Saving Our Churches, is the only means, and way to help Save America in the future. 
*     *      *      *      *      *     *
All Land Ownership is Vested in the Property Holder that Holds - Land Patent, Quick Deed, and Certificate of Title
Much of the "land" held  under the State of South Dakota had been claimed by Americans that first came to the area under the 1841 Preemption Act, and later on, the Homestead Act of the 1860's. Under the "acts", 
The Preemption Act of 1841, also known as the Distributive Preemption Act (27 Cong., Ch. 16; 5 Stat. 453), was a US federal law approved on September 4, 1841. It was designed to "appropriate the proceeds of the sales of public lands... and to grant 'preemption rights' to individuals" who were living on federal lands (squatters). 
  1. The Preemption Act of 1841 permitted "squatters" who were living on federal government-owned land to purchase up to 160 acres (65 ha) for $1.25 per acre ($3.09 per hectare) before the land would be offered for sale to the general public. 
  2. To qualify under the law, the "squatter" had to be - a "head of household", a single man over 21 or a widow; a citizen of the United States or 
  3. Be a immigrant intending to become naturalized; and a resident of the claimed land for a minimum of 14 months. 
  4. Sections 8 and 9 of the Preemption Act granted 500,000 acres of land to each included state and provided that the proceeds from the sales of such lands "shall be faithfully applied to objects of internal improvement namely, roads, railways, bridges, canals and improvement of water-courses, and draining of swamps
Pre Emption Right, is defined as a legal doctrine that allows a higher level of government to limit or eveneliminate the power of a lower level of government to regulate a specific issue. Under the. Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution, federal law takes precedence over state and. local law.
During the ensuing years, between 1841 and 1870, Americans moved westward to claim lands, and to settle the land for use of developing estates, homesteads, and farmsteads. thus establishing ties to the land itself. 
The Federal Government would first provide to the vested owners of the acreages, usually 40, 80, 160 acres in size, with a Land warrant, or patent - a legal authorization for a surveyor to set boundaries for a parcel of land, to be governed by the person(s) listed on the claim. 
Secondly, once the person(s) submit to, and deliver the final payment to the Federal Government, they are given a Certified Copy of Ownership, a purchase agreement that presents evidence that the person(s) have satisfied, and fulfilled all rightful obligations to the previous owner of the land (federal government) vesting full ownership in the person(s) listed on the patent. 
And finally, the last part to title, becomes the Quick Claim Deed, to which transfers the title of a property from one person to another, with little to no buyer protection.
So, under Federal Statutes, the actual property holder holds all three parts to title - Land arrant, Certificate of Ownership, and the Quick Claim Deed, enabling them to hold all sovereign property rights, to be preempted from all taxes and claims of a "State". 
As the State of South Dakota was being established between 1870 to 1890, these landowners formed the state, they 'deeded' parts of, or all of their lands to be held under the State to be used for conducting commercial or residential uses of the state. 
This meant, to hold the land in a public trust under the State, the 'State' becomes the vested londoner, controller of the land. It becomes the caretaker, and holder of all preempted land rights, keeping safe, the 'patent holders' ownership of the land itself. 
The State then issues a Tax Deed to the "users" that agree to use the land for either commercial or residential use, to whom no oe a property tax for the right to use that land - to which the tax deed gives the government agency the authority to sell the property to collect the delinquent taxes.
Under the State of South Dakota, the Counties are not given equalization rights to assess, control the uses of, and collect the 'property taxes' as actual landowners had agreed to subdivide the land inside the county itself. According to the rules adopted by the landowners and the county residents, tax rates are established to be collected by the 'users' of the land itself. 
Together, the County Commissioners, the County Assessors, and the Equalization Departments work with the landowners to assess the values of land, as it relates to the commercial or residential uses, directing the county to collect taxes from the users.
Typically, it requires the County to go out and obtain property assessments by allowing 3 landowners to assess its value. 
It then becomes a "taxing scheme" to lock the users, the presumed property holders of the land, into an agreement to remit taxes to the "State of South Dakota" to hich today holds authority over the "tax deeds", allowing the State Government to hold liens, collection levies, and legal claim to the taxes due...
The South Dakota Legislature, by means of the State House, led by Legislator, Chauffee of WhitewoodSouth Dakota, brought an amendment to the current statutes to grant ownership rights to the Counties where taxes are owed against the tax deed. 
A county that has acquired real property by a tax deed shall declare the real property to be surplus property and conduct a sale in accordance with the provisions of chapter 6-13. The sale must occur within one year of the issuance of the tax deed. The proceeds of the sale must be distributed in accordance with § 10-25-39. Notwithstanding the notice requirement contained in § 6-13-4, the county shall give notice of the sale by publishing a notice of the sale at least twice, with the first publication not less than thirty days prior to the date of the sale.
This seemingly allos the Counties to take temporary ownership of the property, allowing them to scheme together ith 3 other property holders of the County, to 'assess' the property, and auction off to the highest bidder, of which has to all occur in one year.
Could this become a scheme to allo the counties to tax people off their property, in order to allow the Carbon Companies or other wealthy landowners to buy up land across the "State" to monopolize the land for other, more specific uses? 
If you're residing in a County that wants to build a new prison, or a count jails, or allo for some powerful investment group to come in and take possession of the land, this new statute becomes the means of allowing the land to become monopolized by wealthy groups. 
Did the South Dakota Legislature just sell out the American Citizens of South Dakota? 
*    *     *     *     *     *
Who can become President of the United States - the constitution is quite clear here, and it strictly states only a "Natural Born Citizen" can become President.
No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty five years, and been fourteen Years a resident within the United States. Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5
So how do we define what or what is not a "Natural Born Citizen"?
For that, we must turn to the Federalist Papers, a series of letters written by the very 'founders' who drafted, discussed, and debated the very issue itself.
A "Natural Born Citizen" is defined as per the Founding Fathers as such person born within the United States, on American Soil, by two American Citizens of the United States (within the 50 States).
This was quite the debate during the 1787 Constitutional Convention of the States. John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, George Washington all made several key points as to who, what, and how one can be defined as a natural born citizen.

Clearly, they were all in common agreement, that no one born outside the jurisdiction of the American borders could ever be referred to as natural born, and they were strongly against allowing any foreign born person ever become President. Truth is, if you were not born on this soil, let alone born of parents who were not yet citizens themselves, you could never become a Natural Born Citizen of the United States of America.
Prior to 1868 - the State's themselves were tasked with rewarding American Citizenship, it was based on being born within a particular State, and/or Territory occupied by the Federal Government, and yes, your parents had to be at the time of your birth - "Citizens" already.
If your parents immigrated to America from a foreign country, but not yet had they gone through the naturalization process, prior to your birth, you were also NOT considered to be "natural born".
Permit me to hint, whether it would not be wise & seasonable to provide a strong check to the admission of Foreigners into the administration of our national Government; and to declare expressly that the Command in chief of the american army shall not be given to, nor devolve on, any but a natural born Citizen. - John Jay letter to George Washington
The meaning of this letter is not entirely clear. In today’s usage, the word “administration” might be thought to limit the focus of the first part of the letter to the executive branch. According to one historian, however, this part was primarily directed at members of the legislative branch. Moreover, the second part of the letter, where the expression “natural born” appears, also may not have been directed at the President; at that point Jay had no way of knowing that the Convention would ultimately make the President the commander-in-chief. Nevertheless, this letter is the only document connected to the Constitutional Convention that explicitly argues for a “natural born” citizen in a high executive position.
Let's be clear here, shall we - the Founders wanted to do everything they could to protect the sovereignty of the United States themselves, they wanted to ensure that NO "Foreign Person" could come to America, blindly take an oath to protect Americans, only to be loyal and obligated to their home country. That much I do know, and based on that, it was clearly understood that to become a Citizen of one of the 50 States, you had to be born of two parents who were at the time of your birth already Citizens of one of the 50 States.
Also note, at the time the Constitution was written, America still had many people who were born outside this country, many of whom were still loyal to the King or Queens of England, Spain, France, Germany, Arabia, you name it, a Foreign Country.

But at the same time, it is known that at the time the constitution was written, Congress did take the time to pass the 1790 Naturalization Act which basically granted all persons at the time the constitution was adopted, amnesty. It basically gave them the right to be granted Citizenship Status, so long as they applied for and went thru the due process within the State of Residence.
And that brings us to the process of Naturalization - Congress was granted the full authority to manage, create formal rules, and the manner of which a foreigner could become a citizen of one of the 50 States today.
To establish a uniform rule of naturalization, and uniform laws on the subject of bankruptcies throughout the United States.
Given the power to manage the immigration process of accepting foreigners into the country itself, Congress was given the power to institute a process of naturalizing those foreigners to become citizens upon application to becoming American.

The process involved being vetted, extensive background checks, health and safety immunizations, and educating them on American History, the Constitution, learning our English language, and above all, adopting our core principles, traditions, and beliefs.
Once the Federal Government, by its authority, naturalized them into the country, the 'states' were then tasked with providing to them their American Citizenship (1789 to 1868). And most states had residency requirements of doing so, let alone, rules, procedures, and manner of which to obtain that citizenship.
But what is most important, even upon becoming a 'citizen' - these persons still were not considered Natural Born Citizens. They could never become President, but they could run for the U.S Senate and U.S House after a period of years stated in the Constitution.

To be qualified to run for a Representative - you had to be the age of 25 or had been a citizen of one of the 50 States for at least seven (7) years;
To be qualified to run for the U.S Senate, you had to be the age of thirty (30) years, or at least a citizen of that State for no less than 9 years, of which the Legislature itself would nominate you and appoint you to become a U.S Senator. So you had to prove your loyalty to the State of which gave you your citizenship.
Still - no Foreign Born Person, even after becoming Naturalized into the County, and gaining their citizenship from one of the 50 States, could never, ever become President, and that included becoming Vice President, which simply at the time was the "Second Choice" for President.
However, the First Born sons or daughters of those naturalized citizens could become President or Vice President, but let's be clear, because the State Legislators controlled the process of nominating, appointing, and electing the President, you had to prove yourself to the State, forego your obligations to your previous country, and become loyal to the very State of which gave you your citizenship status, let alone your loyalty to the Country itself.

You see, every safety net was covered, every stone was cast, to protect the sovereignty of the United States of America.
In 1810 - the Congress at the time even went a step further, they drafted and wrote an Amendment which was to be the 13 Amendment, to bar even Lawyers and Bankers from ever becoming President, or holding any positions of public trust in this country.
If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive or retain any title of nobility or honor, or shall, without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.
Twelve of the States adopted this amendment, it placed teeth into the Nobility Clause of the Constitution, for IF it would have ever been proven that any person every took a nobility, gift, present, honor, or pension from a foreign country, they would be forced to surrender their "citizenship", meaning they could never again hold any public office of the United States and/or any of the States under it, this pretty much banned most lawyers and bankers due to them holding such titles of honor from foreign countries.
So you see, the Founders, were quite clear, only Natural Born Citizens could ever become President, and at the very minimum, those foreign persons who went thru the naturalization process, and upon the required number of years a citizen, could become Legislators, Senators, or Representatives, let alone hold any Office of Public Trust within the United States themselves.
Now this ushers into the 14th Amendment - some people have widely mistaken what the amendment does and does not do. But let's get something straight shall we, it was adopted based on the thought process that after the Civil War, many of the States were not granting the recently freed African Americans their Citizenship Status.

Remember, prior to the Amendment, only the 50 States could grant Citizenship, based on residency requirements, promulgated rules and procedures, yet alone the Naturalization of Foreign Persons.
All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. - Amendment 14, Section 1
This section has been very widely misinterpreted to mean all persons born in America shall become citizens, that is the farthest thing from the truth, and let's keep in mind, the Amendment DID NOT redefine the "natural born citizen", nor did it change the process of becoming a citizen itself.
It can be tied back to the Emancipation Proclamation ordered by Lincoln, the Congress now set forth an act to bring in all African Americans into the union as "naturalized persons" who now have the ability to apply for American Citizenship Status of the 50 States.
After the war, the African Americans were now considered "freed men and women, under the act, and with it, could not apply for Citizenship of the State of Residence, and by 1868 - only two States were actually handing to them full citizenship status.
  • New York and Pennsylvania
This is now where the 14th Amendment comes into the picture, it was adopted, ratified and forced upon the States as a condition to reenter the Union, for with it, the Federal Government now has the direct permission to reward to the recently Freed African Americans Citizenship Status, enter the U.S Citizen -
They were now given Citizenship Status within the Territory of the District of Columbia aka the United States; they were granted civil rights, immunities, privileges, and protections. The 50 States upon adopting the Amendment, were now forced to accept them as such, the same as if they were "citizens" of the 50 States.
Needless to say, the recently 'freed' Slaves, the African Americans were still NOT considered "Natural Born Citizens", the Emancipation Act simply granted them amnesty, naturalizing them into the Country as "Americans". They could not ever become President, but they could within the rules set forth in the Constitution, become U.S Senators and Representatives in Congress.

It would become their sons and daughters born to them after 1868, those Natural Born Americans who now could become President.

You see, the Amendment itself did not redefine Natural Born, it simply allowed the sons and daughters of the "freed slaves" the ability to be "Natural Born Citizens" of the United States.
When it was all said and done, the only Americans who could ever become President were those "Natural Born Citizens" born on this soil, of their parents who 'already' considered Citizens of the 50 States.
How does this relate to this modern era, this day and age - well, with all the influx of "Mass Immigration" into the Country from Mexico, Guatemala, South Africa, Europe, the Middle East, just cause they come to America, and give birth to their sons and daughters, they are NOT considered "Natural Born Americans''

A child born to two Foreign Born Parents, not yet naturalized into the country, and cannot be known as "Natural Born Americans''. Their births took place outside the Territorial Jurisdiction. They would first have to be Naturalized Into the Country, and that is why the Federal Government behind the Democrat Party so desires to grant to these "born persons" amnesty, even though they can't ever become President, they can begin the process to run for U.S Senate and U.S House after 7 and 9 years a citizen, while their sons and daughters upon being born thereafter, can become President.
So please take the time to understand the constitution, the 14th Amendment, and educate yourself what does it mean to be Natural Born, and what is the process involved to become President.

I make the Argument that Kamala Harris is NOT a Natural Born American, for it is my belief that her parents were not yet Naturalized into the Country at the time of her birth in 1964. Her parents did not yet become naturalized until the year 1967, three year after her birth, and that would mean, Kamala Harris herself had to also go through the Naturalization Process to become a Citizen of the United States.

While Kamala Harris was qualified to be U.S Senator, it is my belief she is NOT qualified to become President, which makes her an illegitimate candidate for Vice President since the two are one in the same, and the fact the Vice President is next in line for the Presidency, she should have never became a candidate in the first place.
Illegitimate - not authorized by the law; not in accordance with accepted standards or rules.
However, Kamala Harris's children born after 1970 can and could become a candidate for President and Vice President. They are the true "Natural Born Citizens" of the United States.
So please, let's have a true discussion, debate, and serious look at exactly what and who is considered a "Natural Born Citizen"
The Constitution is quite clear, who can become President, and the Founders were very clear who and who cannot be considered Natural Born, and it is my opinion, based on research, that the 14th Amendment today, is very widely manipulated, misinterpreted, and used incorrectly.
*      *      *      *      *
Foreign-Born Persons have Risen Greatly Under Joe Biden's Presidential Term 
Since President Joe Biden has taken office, the Foreign-Born Migration has risen to nearly 137,000 persons per year, as compared to the statistics under Donald Trump's presidency January 2017 to February 2020 averaging 42,000 a month. 
Even scarier, is the average migration numbers at the Southern Border under Joe Biden - and has averaged between the years January 2021 to October 2023, there have been roughly eight million “encounters” at U.S. borders. This appears to be a record for a 34-month period, though in the past they were called “apprehensions”, which is a slightly different concept. Even more important, court records and other information on the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) websites indicate that about 2.6 million (possibly 2.7 million) inadmissible aliens have been released into the country since the start of the Biden administration.
Inadmissible - something or someone not allowed or worthy of being admitted, foreign personnel who are ineligible to enter a country, to which Commonly applied grounds of inadmissibility include having a criminal record, a history of certain immigration law violations, being without a source of financial support, or having a communicable disease.
The huge increase in border encounters and got-aways seems closely related to the president’s campaign promises that created the accurate perception, well before he even took office, that he would curtail immigration enforcement, to which the Biden's administration policy of Title 42’s termination, and DHS reported that in Fiscal Year 2022 showed 850,000 foreign visitors overstayed their authorized stay in that year, to which a total overstay rate for 2022 was 3.64 percent, which is more than double the rate of recent years. Of course, not all of these individuals stay long-term, and there is always some number of people who leave the country but whose departure was not properly recorded. Still, overstays have increased. 
 In testimony prepared in September for the Subcommittee on Health, Employment, Labor, and Pensions, of the Education and the Workforce Committee of the House of Representatives, we preliminarily estimated that the illegal population grew from 10.2 million in January 2021 to 12.6 million by May 2023.
Adding all the migration data together under the Joe Biden Administration - more than 17,300,000 foreign-born persons have entered the borders of the United States of America, all while the current American-Born population has stabilized, or slowed due to less Americans having children today. A stark contrast to the future viability of legally-born persons in America. 
On November 9 of this year the Census Bureau put out new population projections. When they were released, Census Bureau’s “main series” projection shows a level of migration that simply does not comport with what the CPS or ACS shows a total foreign-born population of 47.05 million — which is 2.5 million below what the October 2023 CPS shows, and which as was not supposed to hit 49.5 million until 2027 or 2028.  
The current scale of immigration (legal and illegal) into the United States has been truly enormous. The October 2023 Current Population Survey (CPS), collected by the Census Bureau, shows that 15 percent of the U.S. population is now foreign-born — the largest share on record. The prior record was 14.8 percent, 133 years ago in 1890. The immigrant share of the population has more than tripled since 1970 and nearly doubled since 1990.
The size and growth of the immigrant population is not static. Legal immigration continues at least at the pre-Covid pace, and illegal immigration almost certainly remains very high. If legal and illegal immigration were to continue at the current level, we project that the total foreign-born population will reach nearly 59 million and 17.3 percent of population by the end of Biden’s second term in December 2028. Adding so many people to the country so fast may please employers and immigration advocacy groups, but any serious discussion of immigration policy has to grapple with these numbers and the implications they have for American society.
At a time, ich the 50 Sovereign States are in the midst of a very terrifying election season, January through December, the number of foreign-born persons residing inside America is very huge concern, especially, since States like California, Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, and New York are allowing many foreign-born persons to obtain driver licenses' while allowing those same persons becoming registered voters ahead of the upcoming presidential election. 
No wonder Congress is contemplating urging the 50 States to ratify a congressional proposed amendment to the Constitution of the United States - to limit voter registrations to Natural-Born Persons only, as compared to foreign-born. 
H.J.Res.37 - Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to provide that Representatives shall be apportioned among the several States according to their respective numbers, counting the number of persons in each State who are citizens of the United States, thus restricting voter registrations to both natural-born citizens and naturalized citizens who have legally domiciled themselves within the American States to date.
This protects all legal Americans, by ensuring that only Candidates for President are "Naturally-Born Citizens" of the States
The newly adopted amendment would also more properly assess, and accurately report America's actual population as it relates to establishing, and aligning Federal Districts, to which the American People get 1 Representative to every 740,000 American Citizens - which means, the State of California would most likely lose seven (7) districts (representatives) in Congress.
America's Migration of Foreign-Born Persons effects both the American Job Market, as well as America's Electoral Process of voting for, and electing the Nations President, State Governors, Congressman, State Legislators, and plays a heavy factor in maintaining cheap labor costs, heavily manipulating, and allowing hourly rates to remain steadily, cheap
*     *     *      *      *
The South Dakota Attorney led State Bar and all their members, employees, officers, commissioners, agents, and volunteers are asking the Legislature, led by Mary Fitzgerald of Lawrence County, to change state statutes granting to them immunity protections.  
The State Bar, its employees, officers, commissioners, committee members, agents, and volunteers are immune from liability for any good faith act or omission done in the discharge of any duty of the State Bar prescribed by law.
In South Dakota, the State Bar is a private, non-profit legal organization that provides free legal assistance to low income persons in 33 counties in western South Dakota and all reservations within the state of South Dakota. Accepts civil legal issues and tribal criminal and civil issues, and was created and constituted by law as a public association, and conducts itself as a public association of attorneys, lawyers, and agents of the State Government.
Members of the State Bar include both Attorneys and Lawyers who practice law, but also Judges, State Officers, and Appointed Board Commissioners, Employees of the Bar, as well as other public agents in numerous State, County, and Local Government.
Constitutionally speaking, No Attorney or Lawyer, nor a Judge can bound themselves to a private association. This gives to them a special, elitist, power over the people themselves, and that alone, gives to them a title of nobility.
The  lawyers, who are members of one or more of the 50 State BAR  Associations (private membership clubs), which are franchised by the American BAR Association  (A.B.A.), are all under and controlled by the Lawyer's Guild of Great Britain which created, formed, and implemented the U.S. financial BANKRUPTCY Law filed 3/9/33, which bankruptcy is still in full force and effect today, for and on behalf of the  International Banksters as "Creditors" thereof.   Therefore, said attorneys/lawyers are Traitors, Esquires (noblemen training for knighthood, Un-Constitutional title of honor and nobility = Esquires), alien and foreign "non-citizens" and are specifically prohibited by the USA Constitution from ever voting  in any election (Election Fraud) or from ever holding any elected public office of trust whatsoever!   Even  "jailhouse lawyer" prisoner inmates are Constitutionally protected and assured access to the courts.
Attorneys are not really lawyers, as attorneys practice "attorn-ment" (turn over goods, services, etc. to another; i.e. robbers and thieves) and lawyers practice "law".  Lawyers  are supposedly learned in the law and advise in a court while an attorn-eys transfer or assigns someone's rights or property, etc to another and acts on behalf of the ruling crown (government).   In 1878 the American legal system came under the control of a Labor Union known as the worldwide (BRITISH) BAR ASSOCIATION.  Consequently, "their" courts have become "Closed Union Shops.
Ask yourself, why does the Association of Attorneys care to have immunity in the decisions they are making in defense of their jobs, and the work they do, less of course they are really performing duties which may be deemed unlawful, illegal to begin with.
Let's remember, there was a time period when the State Legislature's acting on behalf of the people, and in defense of the Constitution, made it unconstitutional (illegal) for any such American Lawyer to be part of a foreign entity, or of accepting titles?

Eleven State Legislatures had agreed to, and ratified the Original 13 Amendment, and the Virginia Legislature became the 12th State to ratify the amendment, but because of a technicality, Congress did not accept their vote, all because they did not report to Congress their legislative approval. 
If any citizen of the United States shall acceptclaimreceive or retainany title of nobility or honour, or shall, without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them
Because the State Bar Association is a member of the American Bar Association, and that association is a member of the International Bar Association, to which is located, and chartered under the City of London, it should disqualify any such "American" from practicing law in the United States, let alone, bar them from being a "Citizen" of the State's themselves. 
The legislative sponsor, Mary J. Fitzgerald is a graduate of the University of South Dakota (law school), and of Black Hills State University (Business Trade School) and has spent much of her life as an Accountant, having been federally certified in financial planning, reporting, and taxation. She has also sat on, and served as Chairman of the Lawrence County Republican Party Central Committee, and to which she prides herself as being a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution
It is her connection to D.A.R which is beleaguering to many, cause if true, her allegiance to our ancestors who served during the American Revolution, fought for the very right to separate all allegiances from the British Government, let alone, would never bind themselves, nor accept a title of nobility of a foreign association...
 After the Revolutionary War of 1776 was over - since no actual surrender papers had been signed - King George III decided that the colonies still belonged to him, to Englandand all that remained was for him to figure out how to get them back again under his direct control. To do this he determined to use the banks, both of the United States and of England, as one method. But to underpin his efforts, he needed lawyers or attorneys here in the ‘colonies’ to make it all happen.
So, I ask you this question, then do we allow our own American Lawyers to be part of the International Bar Association, accepting the title of nobility from a foreign association, of which the State Bar Association is a member of? 

Are our State Judges, Attorneys, Lawyers, Agents, Officers, and Employees asking us to "Grant them Immunity" from their actions? 
The issue that we are seeing today, is that the Judges, Attorney's, and Legal System has placed itself in the B.A.R system. Becoming bound to a British Esquire system, that gives to these special officials a Title of Nobility. That in itself is unconstitutional. It is the reason our founders distrusted attorneys so much, they made every effort to bar them from the government as much as possible. Since the period of 1860-1880, Congress has kept the "District" under Admiralty Military Statute.  
Remember, the period after 13 States had adopted their proclamations, list of resolves, declarations in the year 1859, President Lincoln had organized the District of Columbia, incorporating all Federal Properties ithin D.C and all federal properties held in the States as a Federal Militarized District, hile the Congress years following, established the United States Land Company, creating "Federal Territory" giving to it by means of the Act of 1871 a temporary government, and finally creating a permanent municipal government by 1874. This allows the "Government" to create Administered, Military Tribunal Courts.
Under Article 1, Section 8, the Congress act to constitute tribunals inferior to the Supreme Court, to which they are to define and punish piracies and felonies committed on the high seas, and offenses against the law of nations here Congress has the right to declare war, grant letters of marque and reprisal, and make rules concerning captures on land and water giving them the ability to raise and support armies making rules for the government and regulation of the land and naval forces giving them the ability to calling forth the militia to execute the laws of the union, suppress insurrections and repel invasions giving to Congress the constitutional ability of providing for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the militia, and for governing such part of them as may be employed in the service of the United States, exercising exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever, over such District, but these 'administrative courts" are to be inferior to the Supreme Court. 
Since 1949, Executive Order 10834 has placed all Federal Departments, Offices, Executive Agencies, Courts under Administrational statutes: 

NOW, THEREFORE, by virtue of the authority vested in me as President of the United States and as Commander in Chief of the armed forces of the United States, and the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949, as amended it is hereby ordered as follows:
  1. The Secretary of Defense in respect of procurement for the Department of Defense (including military colors) and the Administrator of General Services in respect of procurement for executive agencies other than the Department of Defense may, for cause which the Secretary or the Administrator, as the case may be, deems sufficient, make necessary minor adjustments in one or more of the dimensions or proportionate dimensions prescribed by this order, or authorize proportions or sizes other than those prescribed by section 3 or section 21 of this order; 
  2. So far as practicable, (1) the actions of the Secretary of Defense under the provisions of section 24(a) of this order, as they relate to the various organizational elements of the Department of Defense, shall be coordinated, and (2) the Secretary and the Administrator shall mutually coordinate their actions under that section;
  3. Subject to such limited exceptions as the Secretary of Defense in respect of the Department of Defense, and the Administrator of General Services in respect of executive agencies other than the Department of Defense, may approve, all national flags and union jacks now in the possession of executive agencies, or hereafter acquired by executive agencies under contracts awarded prior to the date of this order, including those so possessed or so acquired by the General Services Administration, for distribution to other agencies, shall be utilized until unserviceable.
The flag prescribed by Executive Order No. 10798 of January 3, 1959, shall be the official flag of the United States until July 4, 1960, and on that date the flag prescribed by Part I of this order shall become the official flag of the United States; but this section shall neither derogate from section 24 or section 25 of this order nor preclude the procurement, for executive agencies, of flags provided for by or pursuant to this order at any time after the date of this order.  As used in this order, the term “executive agencies” means the executive departments and independent establishments in the executive branch of the Government, including wholly-owned Government corporations.
What is the significance of the gold fringe which we see on some United States flags?  Records indicate that fringe was first used on the flag as early as 1835. It was not until 1895 that it was officially added to the national flag for all regiments of the Army. For civilian use, fringe is not required as an integral part of the flag, nor can its use be said to constitute an unauthorized addition to the design prescribed by statute. It is considered that fringe is used as an honorable enrichment only. The "Yellow Fringed Flag" is specifically used for Military Tradition, and any Federal Department, Office, Executive Agency, Court, or any of the States, Counties, or Municipal Governments that utilize such flag, are presenting to civilians, they act under Administration, Admiralty Statutes...
But, under Article 4, the Courts are to 'act' under Common Codified Laws, as per this section of the Constitution: 
The judicial power of the United States, shall be vested in one Supreme Court, and in such inferior courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish:
  • The judges, both of the supreme and inferior courts, shall hold their offices during good behaviour, and shall, at stated times, receive for their services, a compensation, which shall not be diminished during their continuance in office;
  • The judicial power shall extend to all cases, in law and equity, arising under this Constitution, the laws of the United States, and treaties made, or which shall be made, under their authority;
  • In all cases affecting ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls, and those in which a state shall be party, the Supreme Court shall have original jurisdiction;
  • The trial of all crimes, such trial shall be held in the state where the said crimes shall have been committed, and shall be by jury.
As you appear in Court today, or attend any public functions of your Federal, State, or Local Government, you have noticed that each level of government have been utilizing and presenting the "Yellow Fringe Flag" presenting to civilians, they are acting under a Federal, Militarized, Tribunal District of Administrational Unit of Government. 
Every wonder why your Local Judges, the Governor, County Commissioners, or Local Mayors, or City Councils 'act' as one government unit today, let alone argue the facts as they are presented, that you are not acting in a common law court or public place? 
They demeaningly express to you, the people themselves, that you have no right to a jury trial, or must obey all administered rules and codes of that public office, forum, or place. 
Many of our "Elected Officials, Appointed Officers" are today Judges, Attorneys, let alone Lobbyists allowing them to initiate, and put into effect, all public statutes, codes, and rules governing over all Public Courts, Administration Buildings, Places. 
Since the period of 1860-1880, the UNITED STATES has acted as a United States Land Company, a corporation of which has a President, Secretary, Treasurer, Executive Secretaries and Officers, Agents that govern over all "lands" held under the Territory. 
Under this procedure, the "Company" acts as a sovereign entity, given the full authority of "Administration" to govern over the Federal, State, and Local Governments today. And then it has beholden itself to a Centralized Banking Cartel, taking much of its revenues from the Bankers today, it can maintain that authority by means of Federal Grants, Tax Subsidies, Monies today. 
Thanks to Abraham Lincoln's Iron Clad Oath - he has bound many of these Federal, State, and Local Officials to this Company. 

Understanding, and Reading the S.D Republican Party Platform, 
The People of the Counties once they become organized, giving the people the ability to grab control of the party itself, by means of their organization, the America First Voters can elect Legislative Delegates, County and Precinct Committee People to hold public meetings under the County. 
They  further elect a County Chairmen, their Vice Chairmen, alongside a Treasurer, and Secretary to manage the county chapter of the "party". From there, they form the Statewide Party Chairs, Vice Chairs, Treasure, and Secretary that meet quarterly, or monthly to discuss party platforms, policies, resolutions, etc, while choosing their new South Dakota Republican Party Chairman. 
As all the Counties become organized, begin to correspond with each other, they begin to adopt, and form their Statewide Platform, Policy,  putting together their list of State At-Large list of Office Holders - Governor, Lt. Governor, State Treasurer, State Auditor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, School and Public Land Commissioner, and Public Utilities Commissioner forming their Interim State Government. 
They then begin to negotiate, and work with the State Government in developing and adopting initiatives, resolutions, engaging with and operating the "State" under new directives - this becomes their plan on Taking Power from the current Establishment.  
As the People of the Counties become more and more America First, bound to the 14 Articles of Freedom, then, the South Dakota Republican Party begins to remarket itself, and rebrand itself, changing the "party" Under the State itself. 
The America First Candidates are winning, and the Plan is to Take Back America in 2024. 
We, the People, of the Save the Republic Political Action Committee, have established a committee to seek out, and form an alliance of Citizens of South Dakota who wish to help nominate potential candidates, and to support initiatives and resolutions that support the original framework of the State of South Dakota, as per the origins of the Country.
We, Today, Must Adopt a New Declaration with the Intent to Create a List of Resolves. This New Declaration must present to the Government of the United States, that We the People are Choosing to Restore the Original Republic as Free, Independent, Sovereign States, to Whom Promise to ProtectPreserve, and Defend the United States Constitution.
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The American Government was Patterned After the Ancient Israelite Form of Government - a Republic


AMERICA was put together in the same format as Moses installed the Israelite Governing Process, from the bottom, to the top, all to be UNDER THE HOUSE OF GOD.

The S.D Legislature much like your City Councils at the local level, are not above the people, it is the other way around, in a true REPUBLIC, which means the PUBLIC THING (The Law) the PEOPLE are above their Government, and the People stand "Under God".

When the Arch-Angel Lucifer fell from Heaven, it was God's way of punishing him, because he placed himself ABOVE the House of God, and that upsets the entire apple card.

Under the "true" Israelite Governing Process which was put together by Moses as a True Republic - it went like this:

HOUSE OF GOD (God Spoke through him by means of the Tabernacle)

  • Moses was the Chosen Leader (Executive);
  • Aaron became God's Chosen Public Speaker of the Word of God


The People therefore govern over their Tribal Territories by means of Elected and Appointed Persons called Boards, Committees, and Commissions.  Of which allow the People to work through those committees/commissions the process of appointing, and electing the following:  Executive, Vice-Executive, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Auditor, Treasurer, Land Commissioner...

Those Appointed or Elected Persons "act" as the Government Officials Administering and Managing the Government.

Furthermore, the People then elect their Tribal Councils, Territorial Legislatures, and a National Legislature.  Each Level Beneath the one who Created them.

LUCIFERIANS think the opposite, they think of themselves as ABOVE THE LION aka House of God. This would be the Zionist Political Movement, the Global Association of Financiers, World Leaders, etc.

The American State Republics are like the 12 Tribes of Israel - they act as a loose Confederation of Member Tribal People, each with their own government, activities and section of land. They act as the United States, just as the 12 Tribes acted as the Nation of Israel.

In a true Republic is beneath the HOUSE OF GOD to whom is the Supreme Being, the Ultimate Sovereign Authority, to whom delegated to the "People" certain unalienable rights, to which allows them to move freely upon the land, governing over their own activities acting as "Individual Republics" to which act together as a Nation of People Under the House of God.

America was put together exactly the same way, as the People of South Dakota are just one 'Tribe of Americans" to whom they self govern themselves, but appoint, and elect their national leaders to which 'act' as the Nation of States" to which we call ourselves the United States of America.  Under the House of God - the American People have laid their Foundation, to which to reside by, work by, and congregate by.

America was put together by a variance of people, by means of creating territories, bound to treaties, charters, and the constitution. But little is known about the origins of these territories, and the agreements made by charter. But as we discover new truths, we find the proper pathway to what became the United States of America. Click Google Document Below:


image.png  The Making of America from 1763 to 1875


Jesus was sent by God to provide the word of God to the people by interacting with people, and speaking to them in their own language. In the beginning was the word.

That word was with God, who spoke only through the prophets, then who further spoke to the people. Sometimes these prophets became manipulative, leading the people to a life of misdeeds and sin.

To which God had to utilize his own powers to change the course of events to steer the people back to the right path. God then decides to work the ultimate miracle, provide to the people his true power, implant himself in a Virgin, to whom will bare a son, to whom will allow God to comingle on earth side by side with people as equals seeing for himself what is being done on earth, to better understand why people turn to a life of sin.

He speaks to the people using parables, stories to which the people can now relate to. Presenting to the people how to steer away from a life of sin, and to provide them with all good things that will come from their actions if they change their ways in the future. He further conducted miracles to help show the people how God manipulates nature, to present a narrative of how forgiving God can be if all the people do is ask him.

And lastly, God chose his Disciples, rather than prophets, this time, to go out and walk with the people, to help educate them, inform them, and help people understand the meaning of the Word of God.

The word was always with God. God merely came down to earth to provide that word to the people directly to be with his flock, thus walking with them to present meanings and examples of what the Word means.

I also believe God had to lock out the Jews from the City of David forever. Destroy the Jewish Temple, cause they began to worship it as a form of Idol Worship. So he allowed the Romans to build the Temple of Jupiter on the spot.

While giving to the Ishmaelites, Edomites, the Arabs the Land today, planting their seed in Canaan, building the Dome on the higher portion of Zion.

He sent the Tribes out across Europe. Africa, and Asia providing them a new Beginning. In the end. They will establish New Zion in a foreign land.


We Patriots are creating an excellent plan to Restore the Republic of Free States, where the People control the United States Government. “WE” are the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel, many of us are all have common ancestors to the 12 Germanic Tribes that once called the Country of Pomerania home – a country so massive, that today, includes parts of, or all of Mecklenburg (Germany), Denmark, Austria, Hungary, Poland, the Baltic States, Sweden, Norway, all with strong connections to Germany itself..

We are a culture of people born of Pommerian Farmers of who came to the United States between 1830 and 1920 settling in Dakota Territory, while under our temporary government, formed Counties, to which under them, we formed Homesteads, Farm-steads, townships, and other colonies of people, whereas our religious protestant faith, led to forming the ideal core values of the Republican Party (1848), whereas by 1889, the States of South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana were formed..

If you track America’s Ancestry, you will find that much of the Northern States stretching from Wisconsin in the east, to as far as Oregon and Washington in the far west all share this common ancestry and you will discover the main reasons why these “States” seemingly will unite together, establishing a coalition, a “Confederacy of Member-States” with the one goal of Restoring the Republic to Save America.

You owe your allegiance to a Group of People called the Ulster Scots – who rose up during the Revolutionary War, proclaiming their Sovereignty, standing up against the King of England, whereas they further, stood up again during the War of 1812, and it was one of them, Francis Key, who written the words to the Star Spangled Banner, becoming our “National Anthem” in the early 1930’s.

We declare ourselves Sovereign, taking no Allegiance to NO KING or QUEEN, let alone Form of Government, “WE” are “States of People” to which stand united – Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

We will reconnect under a Political Action Committee under the name “We the People to Save the Republic Political Action Committee”


  • It starts with organizing under the Counties by holding Precinct Committees.
  • It then goes to a convention where we can choose, and pick our At Large Representatives – Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Auditor, Treasurer, Land Commissioner, U.S Senator, and “our” Elector for the President and Vice President.
  • Draw up a Resolution to Hold a “Special Election” unless the next General Election is within 30 days of choosing those Persons. Since this is 2024, “WE” will utilize the General Election to place our “Choices” on the Ballot come November 2024.
  • By S.D Law, those At-Large Reps take office in January of 2025, whereas, “Our” Elector for President goes to the Convention to cast his “Ballot” one for President, and one for VIce President in December 2024, of which we shall place our “guy” on those ballots.
  • By means of the Precinct Strategy, “WE” will put our people in “Official Offices” of which govern over the “state government” and of which our “Rightful Choice for President” will govern over the Federal Government in our “Image”.


The Restored Republic interim government is the lawful mechanism for the American People to join together to occupy the vacated seats of our de jure government. The specific guidelines of the Restored Republic interim government allow for growth and education followed by a period of transition back to Constitutional Governance. This will entail reseating each de jure State utilizing the Northwest Ordinance of 1787.
Unlawful elections were held in several States which infringe upon the rights of Citizens of other states. Irreconcilable harm has been caused to the American People by the unlawful acts of the States in question. Congress has failed to act to resolve this harm. The American People have lost confidence in the current government’s ability to govern lawfully and peacefully. It’s past time to Implement the Northwest Ordinance to RESET America.

Our immediate goal is for a majority of states to have 30,000 people signed up to support their Restored Republic. Then lawful elections will be held to fill the vacancies left behind by the Corporation.  Our goal: To rebuild our Republic in the image that our Founding Fathers first established.

Every American must comprehend that the pathway back to restoration of America is their involvement and support of their Republic interim government.  According to the Northwest Ordinance every state must have 30,000 people represented by each state Republic.  Your first step to supporting your Republic is to sign up for our free email list.  That one act indicates that you accept the Republic as your lawful government.
Please Take the time to Read the Executive Summary by Clicking on the Link Below:


Precinct Committeemen and Women are elected for two year terms and represent the precincts at Statewide, and Countywide conventions, while serving in a role to reach out to the residents in each precinct in order to help register voters, let alone meet with legislators to lobby and help canvass the state in support of legislation and candidates. 
  • Attend  Central Committee meetings.
  • Become a voter registrar and recruit new voters.
  • Circulate petitions for candidates prior to the primary.
  • Canvass your precinct in support of our candidates.
  • Promote strong election ethics.
  • Recruit poll for election day and early voting.
  • Educate, Inform, work with the voters connecting them to representatives.
  • Be an advocate for the interests of the voters in your precinct.
  • Discuss, Adopt Resolutions, Initiatives, and Choose At-Large Representatives
Precinct Committee Persons main job is to help educate, inform, and organize the voters within the precinct, with the intent to nominate legislative candidates, and to represent their political party to help push forward party agenda across the State.
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Make Sure You're Registered to Vote in Preparation for the Next Federal, State, and Local Elections!

This Page is designed to help you become a registered voter, to educate, and to inform you of all upcoming voting information across the state, as well as keeping you informed on what is going on within Precinct 05-22. Voting is an expression of ourselves, our community, to each other, and to our country, and the more informed you are as a voter, the better we will govern ourselves.
Do you reside in Precinct 05-22 -  Are you Registered to Vote?
If not, you have until 10 days prior to any South Dakota General, Mid-Term, Primary, County, City, or School Election to Register.  As per South Dakota codified law, Primary Elections are every June of every even numbered year, while the General Election is always held in November of every even numbered year, while both are always the first Tuesday, after the first Monday of those codified months. The City of Sioux Falls always holds its citywide elections in April of each even numbered year 
Do you wish to request an Absentee Ballot?
All American Citizens of the State of South Dakota, who are registered to vote in the state, have the right to vote by Absentee Ballot. You may request an absentee ballot up to one day prior to any South Dakota federal, state, or local election, whereas you must submit that ballot to the County Auditor no later than election day, and no later than 7:00 PM. If you are mailing the absentee ballot to the County Auditor, you must utilize the U.S Postal Service, sending it Certified or Registered Mail, date stamped no later than three (3) days prior the election date. 
For All Sioux Falls Residents of which reside within Precinct 05-22 - You may reach out and contact your Precinct Committeeman at any time. 
Precinct: 05-22
Legislative District: 15
Municipality: City of Sioux Falls
School District: Sioux Falls South Dakota 49-5
Precinct Committeeman
Mike Zitterich (2022 to 2024)
417 N. Prairie Ave, Sioux Falls-SD 57104
(605) 376-0527
Precinct Election Poll Center
The Alliance
1600 W. Russell Street, Sioux Falls-SD 57104

Minnehaha County Republicans Host 
William J. Federer


The Republican Party of South Dakota is dedicated to preservation of our Republic, its ideals, and institutions for the good of all Americans and adamantly opposing the erosion of these cherished freedoms. Keeping South Dakota a great place to live, raise, and nurture a family.
     South Carolina 
Republican Party
We the People of South Dakota must Join South Carolina in its
Fight to Preserve, Protect, and Defend the Electoral College.
NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the South Carolina Republican Party supports the Electoral College, opposes the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, and urges the South Carolina Legislature to preserve and defend the Electoral College as created in the U.S. Constitution. 
Currently, the Democrat Party has compacted 17 States that include: DE, HI, RI, VT, CO, CT, MD, MA, MN, NJ, NM, OR, WA for 205 Electors
They are targeting the following States: AR, AZ, ME, MI, NC, NV, OK, VA to which will give them another 78 Pledged Electors giving them a total 283 Electors. 
In those 8 States, the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact has passed one of two chambers of their legislatures, so it is urgent that we stop this from happening tomorrow.
Contact Mike Zitterich if you wish to add a local story, or share a public event on this site today @ (605) 376-0527 or
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