Donald Trump's Cause to Change the Constitution


In my cause to bring forth a Statewide Public Hearing to better understand and discuss our public elections, to which, many have fought me on, many have called me an election denier, or conspiracy theorist, however nowhere in my talking points have I ever said whether or not Joe Biden won the 2020 election or not, let alone have I ever construed my talking points to lead to the fact whether or not South Dakota has an issue with fraud or abuse or election scheming occurring in our borders.

The problem I have is, so many citizens are questioning the need of election ethics, let alone, are asking for the "State" to get more politically involved in leading public discussion in the manner of, guiding future public elections nationwide.

Led by CNN, MSNBC, and FOX NEWS - the national media has portrayed Donald Trump's recent comments as him wanting to rip up and throw away the constitution, even our own congressional delegation of John Thune, Mike Rounds, and Dusty Johnson have mis-construed those comments to mean something they were not.

What Donald Trump did say, was that as a country, 'we' need to take a proactive effort to change the constitution in order to give more power back to the State legislature's to grant them more authority in reward the actual winner of our state and local elections as it relates to the President, U.S Senators, U.S House of Representation.

There are things we can address, in order to change the constitution in order to scale back the rule, of which have over the course of the last 150 years stolen the "States" authority to judge their own elections. Things such as:

  • Repealing the 12, 13, 14, 16, and 17 Amendments would be a starting point to restoring our State Rights;
  • Repealing the 1878 Electoral College Act, allowing the Legislatures to be the judge to settle controversies of competing slate of electors sent to congress, in order to allow the legislature's discuss the public matter they relate to state laws;
  • Convincing the State Legislatures to return back to us the full effect of the electoral college, the ability to apportion the "Districts" based on which candidate wins the popular vote in each of the 435 Congressional Districts, let alone how the state chooses to apportion the two Senate districts;
  • Allowing the State Legislatures greater authority of how the process of nominating two candidates for President which allows them to choose 1 person from within the state, and 1 person from outside the state (runner up is vice president);
  • Allowing States to allow their Citizens to not use nor attach the "Real I.D Law" to our state government identification cards, allowing the citizens to uphold and enforce "State laws" rather than federal identity laws;
  • Allow states to fully address and establish better means of enforcing domiciles procedures;
  • Allow states to fully address the issue concerning absentee or mail ballots as they relate to their citizens voting outside the state, let alone those citizens who reside in other states of the union.

We have reached a point in time, where we are going to have to force a change in voting laws to BAN mail ballots. Absentee balloting should only be allowed by Confirmed Identity, upon the qualified voter "requesting upfront" a ballot, while presenting upon a Govt I.D which can be a Driver License, Non-Driver Identification Card, Military I.D, Public School Govt I.D Card, a Native American I.D Card, etc. WE could enforce upon the laws, that when the Secretary of State's do confirm your Identity, Domicile, ensure you are Not a Criminal with a Felony Background, yet alone a Citizen of the State, the Secretary of State could in fact then allow you to become a "Qualified Voter" by providing you a "Govt Voter I.D Card".

Anyone who fails to present on Election Day, or upon request of obtaining a Absentee Ballot which must be between 30 days to 1 day of the Election, DOES NOT have the qualified right to vote in the current election that month.

WE also must make all "States" disqualify all Absentee Ballots" from being counted that arrive to the County Auditor Office 'after' the Election Date, meaning the rule must apply that all Absentee Ballots must be postmarked no less than five days prior the Election Date to be delivered by the Election Date no later than 6:00 PM or one hour prior to the polls closing...

Democrats will never allow this to happen, cause they are attempting to allow people to vote in multiple states, let alone they wish to allow Non-Citizens of a State to also vote, which allows an Immigrant (legal or not legal) to vote in the State based on the means they may have an apartment in the state...the Democrat Party has shown a lack of respect for the American process of voting, which allows them to cheat, which they have done every year since Box 13 in 1936 with the election of Lyndon Johnson to the U.S Senate.

First matters first, WE got to convince the State Legislature's of all the states to perform AUDITS and REVIEWS of all their Domiciles, Master Voter File Lists, in order to understand and educate themselves, on who is qualified to vote and not qualified to vote, this is why I have been so big on ELECTION AUDITS which people are fighting me when asking, "Prove there is Election Fraud or Abuse occuring" That is just a cop out, cause they DO NOT want any such rules placed on voting, nor do they wish for us to place restrictions on voting, let alone, do they wish for us to discover any irregularities in our elections.

Democrats appear to be cheating or manipulating the process at very least, while the Republicans are seemingly acting ignorantly by opposing these audits as well in several states, choosing to sit back and watch, while America seemingly is inching closer to closer to a civil war.

Even the South Dakota Republican Party has failed to enforce and beg for the AUDITS to occur, meaning they to are complicit in their inaction to conduct a thorough understanding of the whole "Election Process"

This will continue to occur, until we have the guts to change it, stop it, control it. We the people have to come to terms, if we want to fix our errors, and misdeeds, we have to adopt a motto catchphrase, "If it must be, it must start with me"

Mail Ballots today have come to be the manner of allowing some states, let alone congress, to manipulate the vote, let alone find cause to cheat in our elections with the goal to achieve the outcome they so desire.

I do not believe there to be major fraud in South Dakota, but South Dakota can set the example in adopting measures, rules, and guidelines on how to fix the growing concerns. Especially in the modern era of the 14 Amendment whereas the U.S Govt now grants U.S Citizenship of the Territory, which complicates the matter of "CITIZENSHIP OF STATES ''.

Because of this fact alone, that "Born or Naturalized Citizens" of the UNITED STATES under the 14 Amendment are controlled by D.C - their loyalty is to D.C and no longer to the State, so the States appear to have their backs against the wall in terms of enforcing their own state laws, let alone organizations like the ACLU are suing states for placing to many restrictions on a U.S Citizen, and I see this so called "gender war" playing a huge part in this in the future, if the U.S GOVT allows them to easily change their gender, whereas States may NOT, which may present in the future, issues with the Govt I.D laws within the States...

The D.C GOVT is promoting to create D.C a State for this very reason, and they are promoting the Real I.D law for this very reason, which today doubles your LICENSE or State I.D CARD as a national passport in Federal Territory, whereas anyone with a Real I.D Card potentially in the future can vote from anywhere within Federal Territory which includes D.C itself, U.S Military Bases, Puerto Rico, Guam, or anywhere within the United States (or the 50 States).

Notice, that when you get a S.D License, YOU can request, to not place the Real I.D Icon on your S.D Driver License, you have to request up front to the DMV to not attach the Real I.D to your driver license, but it can be done, and as Americans push to not to accept the REAL ID LAW, 'WE" gain more authority over the Federal Govt to enforce proper identification over our State and Local Elections.

First things first, 'we' have to adjust our constitution, back to a time where the States had greater authority to inspect, to discuss, to question, to audit, and review the results of the elections. Donald Trump was right when he said, and I quote:

“A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution,” - he wrote in a post on Saturday on his social network, Truth Social.

That is what Donald Trump actually said, and no where in his comments did he ever proclaim that we do away with the constitution. That is where the national media has attempted to mis-construe his comments. By changing or terminating the rules that have been placed in the constitution since the civil war, will go much further, in relation to how we govern the facts and the effects of the elections in the future. I highlighted many such rules that should me terminated above, and I will explain further here below:

  1. Repealing the 12 Amendment - would take away the power of the political parties from manipulating the process of choosing the vice president, it would return us back to the origins of Article 2, of which allows for the State Legislatures to control the nomination process for president, by reinstituting the rule where we must nominate one person from South Dakota, and a second person whom resides outside the borders of South Dakota. It also allows the Runner Up in the presidential election to become Vice President, of which gives the State Legislature's their top two picks to manage the Federal Government.
  2. Repealing the 13 Amendment - I have proposed to repeal this amendment for a long time, based on how it is worded it does not remove slavery, but allows you based on volunteering yourself by contract, to enslave yourself to the federal government, let alone the debt of that government. Let alone section two is a double edged sword placed in the States, for it says "Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation." -- what is the purpose of this clause when under Article 1, Section 8, Clause 18 the original constitution states the following, granting to Congress - "To make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution the foregoing powers, and all other powers vested by this Constitution in the government of the United States, or in any department or officer thereof." We can repeal the current amendment, then adopt a new amendment that more effectively bans slavery point blank.
  3. Repealing the 14 Amendment - this is key, to giving the States its authority back, for it is the largest, most expensive amendment to date, and it was nothing more than a "amnesty amendment" for it granted to the African-American Born persons, the Prisoners of the War, the right to accept the terms of becoming a U.S Citizen in the territory of the District of Columbia, aka Federal Territory, placing them under the jurisdiction of federal law, whereas that government grants to them civil rights, immunities, privileges, and now gets to bind them to the debts taken on by the federal government, let alone state the obvious, any person, or non-citizen of this territory, shall now be labeled a domestic terrorist, as they have not accepted the new rules as of yet, it then contracts the states to accept these U.S Citizens in the same manner of which states honor and protect American Citizens of the States, whom have their sovereignty and natural rights protected by the original constitution.
  4. Repealing of the 16 Amendment - by repealing this amendment, returns back to the states the authority to force the Federal Govt to contract directly to the States' if it wishes to directly tax the citizens of the states, hence, abolishes the modern federal income tax as characterized today, which is forced on U.S CItizens whom contract to the Federal Govt directly, this also allows the State legislatures to hold the federal government to somewhat of a budget.
  5. Repealing the 17 Amendment - this is huge, and a must, if you believe in the rights of the States. We must terminate and abolish this amendment, giving back to the Legislature's the ability to appoint the U.S Senators every two years, giving them a greater control of how the Senators vote in the Congress, let alone the greater ability to remove them every two years, restricting them to the State Constitutions, the public laws of the state, to the interests of the State itself, let alone, wait for it --- the ability to control the Senate in handling controversies that arise in the Electors of the president.
  6. Convincing the Legislatures to Enforce Direct Apportionment of the Electors - the United States are apportioned in 435 U.S House Districts, whereas each State has 2 U.S Senate Districts, each of course have 1 Elector for President. Apportioning the electors based on which candidate wins the popular vote per each federal district, allows the legislatures to send the proper and more accurate result to Congress, hence certifying the proper winner. Only two states apportion their electors as per this rule - Maine and Nebraska.
  7. Get Rid of the Real I.D Law - without the 14 amendment, there is no reason for the national Identification law. If anyone wishes to travel outside their state borders, let alone the country, they can always apply for and obtain a U.S Foreign or Domestic Passport, which is the only national identification card necessary, Imposing this rule upon the states was simply one means of forcing the citizens into the jurisdiction of the Federal Territory, let alone taking power from the States. By terminating this rule, or requirement, it places greater emphasis on State citizenship, the domicile rule, hence allows the states greater ability to enforce their election laws.
  8. Change State Laws Regarding Absentee and Mail Ballots - allow the states to enforce their own election laws regarding how an American Citizen of the State, 100% Domiciled within that state as it relates to requesting Absentee Ballots - absentee ballots were created to allow for "State Citizens" request a ballot while being absent from the State between 15 days prior, and 15 days after all state and local elections. They were originally designed for Military Use, but in modern times, allowed for all State Citizens who absented themselves from the state for employment reasons, travel reasons, or for other codified reasons adopted by the citizens of such state. We must change these rules to enforce State Citizenship (domiciles), Voter I.D, and to allow for confirmation of the reason why you need to request a ballot.
  9. All Absentee Ballots Must be Returned by Election Day - states must have a greater allowed right to enforce the absentee ballots to be returned to the Election Polls no later than 6:00 PM on Election Day, let alone creating a rule that to be a legally, qualified, returned ballot, they must postmarked no later than five days prior the election date, in order to arrive on time, and NOT after said election date. Meaning, No More counting any absentee or mail ballots that arrive after the codified date' in public law.
  10. Repeal the 1929 Congressional Reapportionment Act - by repealing this act, it lifts the cap on the federal districts which has been set at 700,000 Citizens per District
  11. based on the 1920 U.S Census. This cap harms the process 'we' may use to reapportion the congress, as the population has risen, the districts have remained at 435. The districts should expand and contract based on the populations of each state, and that changes how many Electors the States can receive.
  12. Repeal the Electoral Vote Count Act of 1876 - this law was adopted by Congress allowing the Senate and the Congress to establish a 10 member non-elected commission made up of 5 appointees chosen by the Congress, and 5 appointees chosen by the Supreme Court in order to assess, debate, and to decide all controversies of the certifying electors sent to congress. Whereas the Legislature's should be the final judge and jury of the electors, in order to decide by fact and in law, the proper result, the winner, of their slate of electors, not some non-elected board of commissioners. This act was the procedures used by Mike Pence on January 6, 2021 to allow Congress to reward the electors of 6 states to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, without this 'act' the U.S Senate would be tasked to consult with the Legislatures of whom appointed them to the U.S Senate, and by the state constitutions they sworn an oath to.

These are the types of rules Donald Trump was discussing when he made his comments a few days ago, and this is what causes fear in the political establishment whether you are democrat or republican.

Ask yourselves, why do Political Parties fight election audits so much? What do they have to hide? And, and What do they have to gain by controlling the process of how we conduct elections from year to year...

Upon leaving the Office of the Presidency, on his way out of public office, he made the following statements:

"The situation in which I now stand, for the last time, in the midst of the Representatives of the People of the United States, naturally recalls the period when the Administration of the present form of Government commenced; and I cannot omit the occasion, to congratulate you and my Country, on the success of the experiment" going on to say, "When one side only of a story is heard and often repeated, the human mind becomes impressed with it insensibly."

Whereas he later stated a fact about the future of the power political factions may hold upon the people:

"However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion." adding further, "It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliance with any portion of the foreign world."

We fought to be a free, independent, and sovereign people, so why then, have we restricted ourselves to such rules related to how we elect the president, the U.S Senators, let alone the U.S House Representatives?

Donald Trump was correct, when the means of the Constitution fails us, and no longer works in our best interests, it should be changed, amended, let alone the rules be replaced, and at the very last resort, the constitution could be abolished, returning to the states, their ultimate sovereignty they gained after the revolution which ended in 1783 with the Peace Treaty of Paris, and the adoption of the Articles of Confederation of which originally created the United States for America, allowing to the States to act as "sovereign political entities", agreeing to work together in peace, in harmony, and to manage the foreign affairs of the our country.

"WE" must go through the process of holding a South Dakota Legislative Public Hearing to Audit, Review, to Ask Questions of, and to Educate and to Inform ourselves, on the processes put in place of which govern our public elections.

You may believe there is no fraud, no abuse, no election scheme, however, the people are asking questions, and we owe to them, to provide the answers, results, and above all else, a well managed election cycle every two years.

“The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government - lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.” - Patrick Henry, adding further, “For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst and to provide for it.”

To all my fellow South Dakotans, as a good friend once told me, and his words ring true today, "If it must be, it must start with me." - Bill Nees of Valdosta, Georgia, a truck driver by trade, a former Presidential Candidate, placing himself on the ballot in three states, Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama to prove that anything is possible when you set your mind to it.

I am very fortunate to have met him not once, but twice, before his death in 2020, for he woke my eyes up to not only our history, but to all the mistakes we have made over the past 150 years. He was honest, sincere, and metamorphic. His words ring true today, if you want to fix the country, it must start with us, a Free, Independent, and Sovereign People making up the State of South Dakota.