Rebuild America

Our Founding Fathers have Provided to us the Mechanisms to Re-Organize, Restructure, and Rebuild America Today

The Reorganization, and Restructure of the Republic of South Dakota is the key ingredient to taking back full control of the State Government, placing it back under the House of God, where the People shall govern as a true Constitutional Republic.

There is a reason why a small group of S.D Legislators chose to strip the Power of the People during this past session. If you read the political blog named Dakota War College, you get the feeling that the Republican Party is very divided across lines.

How do you Get those that Oppose You to Concede, and Consent to Your Rule? You bring into the Country Foreign Law. You use that foreign law to introduce measures to control the citizens to whom have been born in the country, by controlling their movements under a foreign law. In order to enforce this foreign law, you bring in Justices that are bound to that foreign law, have taken an oath to that law, and then, based on faith and spiritual codes, the people will trust the Justices to be like gospel. They then enter into the country, a new people, they allow for mass immigration of foreign people to populate your land, then the new laws adopted by a foreign leader, adopt laws that protect the foreigner, chasing Born Citizens from their Land, allowing the government to take back control of the land, only to carve up, and divide that land into zones, giving to the foreigner the right to reside, work, and entertain themselves upon the land, so long as they pay the government for the right to that land use. Soon, those foreign born migrants will be born from within them, new born citizens under the new law, which makes them subject to new law adopted by the foreign ruler. Does this all sound familiar?

As I have petitioned the People of District 15, to become their Representative in the State House, simultaneously, I have placed myself on the ballot for Precinct 5-18 to maintain my place on the Minnehaha Precinct Committee. It would be awesome to represent the people in the legislature, but at the same time, there is more to accomplish at the County level. We must finish the job we set out to accomplish, using the precinct strategy to Take Back Full Control of the State, let alone the Country.

The passion I have for my fellow Citizens of South Dakota is much stronger than even I may think of. For I am determined, even more so today, to help play a role in crafting the complete restructuring, and reorganization of the State Government itself.

I am not a Federalist, I am very much an Anti-Federalist, someone that is very much opposed to the current establishment in Washington D.C, let alone the current structure of the National Government today. As an anti-federalist, I am very much a state-right, opposed to a strong central government, to even, the break up of, and destruction of the current federal government today. I would much rather have a National Government under the Articles of Confederation, than the one we have today.

But at the same time, I am every bit a huge Supporter of, Protector, Preserver, and Defender of the U.S Constitution today. I simply believe it has been changed over the years, mainly since the year 1833, to something that has led to the destruction of the founding beliefs of America's founding fathers, a revolutionary concept born from an era between 1763 and 1791.

Law Schools have not taught the Founding Principles, let alone the U.S Constitution since 1833, mainly thanks to the corrupted Judges, Attornies, and Congress that has become every bit enslaved to a foreign political power - the British Law.

That movement away from the Origins of the American Foundation may have begun with the Adoption of Amendment 11.

The judicial power of the United States shall not be construed to extend to any suit in law or equity, commenced or prosecuted against one of the United States by citizens of another state, or by citizens or subjects of any foreign state.

This act, first adopted by Congress, put greater emphasis on utilizing Attorneys and Lawyers to defend the Federal Government, and all its publically held property, programs, and districts in all the American States today.

Beginning in the 1830s, you saw the complete hijacking of the American Republic of Free States, progressing further away from the founding concept, and transferring the power held by the people, handing that power over to Party Organizations, Political Associations, to the Ruling Elite. They first destroyed the Electoral College of Delegates, allowing parties to convince their respective States to adopt Winner Take All Rules, allowing the States popular vote to gain all its Electors for President.

That act of stripping the Electoral College of its Direct Apportionment, led to a small class of people within this "Party Organization" to control the District of Columbia today, choosing their own representatives and rulers ever since.

Perhaps, a small number of "States" began to see this destruction coming, and chose to rise up, in defense of the Republic.

Beginning in 1859, many Republics, led by South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Texas, and Mississippi, sparked that movement, agreeing to elect and choose Constitutional House of Representatives, Senators, and Electors in Federal Offices. They sparked endless political attacks, rebellions against the policies coming out of the District of Columbia in much the same way the King was controlling the Colonies. And began to adopt State Proclamations, Declarations, and a List of Resolves to restrict the Federal Government in their daily lives.

You now have to look at the Period of 1860 to 1880 as a Coup, you then have to ask the question, who led the coup?

The build up leading up to the War (1830 to 1859) in the era without the Second Bank.

  1. Remember, the 14 Southern States were NOT "organic acts" of Congress like the Northern States. They were formed of "Charters" held by the Virginia Land Company, properties of the City of London (Bank).
  2. The Northern States all formed from Organic Acts as Adopted by Congress, creating territories. States blossomed from those territories based on administrative rules, codes, and compacts.
  3. The Southern States born of the British Plantation System, large estates of 300 acres to 600 acres. They were cities, colonies, etc, as they grew in population, they became "Republics" applying for Statehood, giving to them 1 Representative (30,000 Citizens), and 2 Senators.
  4. The Mason Dixon Line separated these two distinct "versions" - Because the Northern States by compact agreed to NOT participate in the British Slave Trade, the Southern States did not have such compact, They were "Freer" than the Northern States.
  5. This led to Economic Differences, the Fed Govt had to even out the two economies by means of Tariffs, Regulations, etc.
  6. 14 States began to strictly enforce the Constitution.
  7. The Fall of the Second Bank meant, the "States" were freer from the Mandates of the Bankers, this led to many Depressions, economic collapse, etc. Creating more issues.
  8. 14 Southern States elected Senators and Representatives for the 1859-1861 and 1861-1863 Congressional Sessions that would enforce State Rights, Nationality, and Sovereignty as protected by Article 4 and 6. They demanded Declarations, a List of Resolves, and Proclamations restricting the Federal Govt in their "territories".
  9. You had the Banker Wars also...
  • Defined Southern Congressman between 1859-1863 as Insurrectionists..Removed them from office, arresting them, etc.
  • Adopted General Order 100 that created a Federal Milarized Territory incorporating ALL Federal Property in the States.
  • Adopted the Emancipation Act, freeing Black Slaves, Prisoners of War bonding them to Lincoln's Iron-Clad Oath to Defend and Support the Federal Government.
  • The City of London (Bank) gained control of the "District of Columbia" Loaning it huge sums of money to control them, use them, and create this new territory.
  • The Attorneys contracted themselves to the British B.A.R Association, bound to British Law.
  • Amendments 13, 14, 15 all adopted.
  • ACT OF 1871 adopted creating an ORGANIC ACT to Create the District of Columbia Incorporation Act - creating a United States Land Company, giving it a Governor, Secretary, Treasurer, Judicial System.
  • They were creating NEW Federal States in this Territory, which mirrored the "Federal Militarized Territory.
  • They granted Immunities, CiviL Rights, U.S Citizenship Status to Black Slaves, Prisoners of War, and All AMericans that Bonded themselves to the Territory.
  • As each "State" Federal District '' now gets 30,000 U.S Citizens, they became new states, giving to them 2 Senators, 1 Representative.
  • This allowed Congress to Reseat the Senate and House filling the "Vacated Seats" all bound to their new oath.
  • They then passed the 1872 Amnesty Act, to Grant Amnesty to all "Ex-Insurrectionists" as long as they become U.S Citizens, and Promise to Obey the New Rules. Remember - President JOhnson had already 'pardoned' many of them prior.
  • In 1874, they adopted the D.C Municipality Act, creating a Permanent D.C Government - Mayor, 9 Member Council, Committees, Commissions, Police, Jail System, Ordinances for the Territory - United States Land Company.
  • The UNITED STATES LAND COMPANY uses "Bank Loans" to buy out all Assets, Charters of the Virginia Land Company aka the South.
  • Virginia splits in two, forming West Virginia.
  • By 1880, the UNITED STATES was now enslaved under an Administered, Federal, Militarized "State" called United States Land Company, new departments, offices, agencies would be created between 1890 to 1990.
  • 100 Years later (1972), Nixon pardons Jefferson Davis freeing his family to become naturalized into the new "Federal States.'
  • 100 years later (1977), Carter pardons General Robert Lee, freeing his family to become naturalized into the Federal States.

In 1893 - the Fed Govt contracted, and formed a partnership with the Rothchilds, Morgan-Belmont Syndicate, a group of private bankers who had agreed to all the U.S Treasury Bonds, allowing the Federal Government to restock the treasury, with bank notes. The members of this syndicate became known by the contract as the following - Drexel, Morgan Co, the J.S Morgan Co, and N.M Rothschilds and Sons. The Federal Reserve was created 10 years later.

The period of 1860 to 1880 was a Coup led by British Bankers, Foreign Born Persons, Attorneys, to hijack the Government, create a Provisional Govt (1871), and form their permanent Govt (1874), contracted to the Bank itself (1913).

Amendments 13, 14, 16, 17 changed the Constitution forever. We are governed by the 1868 Version of the Constitution today.

The only way to fix it, is to go to WAR against this "Company" to return us back to a true Republic as we once were 1789 to 1859.

I believe the 1860-1880 period was to completely Incorporate the 14 Southern States by creating an Organic Act that created the Southeast Territory. This places the states on the same compacts as the north, but they went further, the FEDS got bought, sold to the bankers, and the rest is history. Today, there are two versions of the States - the State of South Dakota is the "Federal State", an incorporated federal company to administrate company policies, and then there is the Republic of South Dakota, the Free, Independent, Sovereign American People that established their own "independent government".

  • The Federal State of South Dakota raises money from a list of federal taxes (excises, duties, imposition fees) to provide for the Federal Interstate System, Roads, Federal Administration Buildings, Courts, National Parks, Nature Reserves, and all the Federal Services, Benefits provided back to U.S Citizens, and all the Immigrants that Come to America today.
  • Then there is the Republic of South Dakota, an independent, sovereign Group of American Citizens that act together, inside their own borders, protected by the United States Constitution by means of Article 4 and Article 6. It has its own Independent Government that raises money from a list of State Taxes (excises, duties, imposition fees) that provide for all State Highways, Roads, Administration Buildings, Courts, State Parks, and all State Services, and Benefits provided to each American Citizen of the Republic themselves, many of which are contracted out among the 66 Counties, which are agents of the state itself, to work closely to the people, to administer the Public Health, Safety, and Protections of the People.

During the Homestead Acts, the 1841 Preemption Act and the 1862 Homestead Act, the Federal Government began allowing Americans to lay claim to, and build their sovereign territories in the west, selling Land Patents, Warrants to which allowed for the creation of Family Homesteads, Townships, Public Communes, while preempting the right of the Federal Government to control all minerals, natural resources, commodities, under the land itself.

The United States Land Company (1871) today, operates as a sovereign entity, a municipal corporate government, bound to the City of London, a Bank, the Holy Roman Empire, a Church, allowing for all Global Bankers, Financial Capitalists, Attorneys to the process of adopting federal commercialized statutes, codes, regulations, a list of mandates to controlling the land under its controls.

Before 1860 we had a Chief Executive, elected by the American Citizens by means of an Electoral College of Delegates that were elected by the Citizens and Legislatures of each Sovereign State. Post 1860, we have a President of a Company, chosen by, and of an Electoral College of Delegates, nominated, and chosen by "Political Party Organizations" (private clubs). These political parties are left-leaning factions of people bound to, and owned by, that Globalist Group of Bankers, Financial Capitalists, and Attorneys that buy them, and control them.

They use their collective, capital interests held by the "Company" (land, real property, tangible properties, resources, minerals) to raise revenues by its subjects, to serve, and defend its global interests in the world today.

When the American People rose up against this 'aristocracy' between 1763 to 1783 during the American Revolutionary Period, thus breaking away from this established order, creating their American Republic? It upset the apple card, and it fought back. It staged a coup defeat between 1860 to 1880 to which it grabbed control of the American National Government, funded a political war against the Free American Republics and Commonwealths (the people), creating the "Company" placing it in the grasp of the Global Aristocracy once again. They recreated their American Private Centralized Bank, then enslaved the "company" to this Established Order by means of statutes, codes, regulations adopted between 1930 and 1950, and further stripping the Sovereignty of the American People between 1975 and 1995 with NAFTA, the Patriot Act, and the Affordable Care Act.

In order to maintain their control, the Established Order holding authority over the United States Corporation, that land company, hands out a set of Tax Subsidies, Grants, Benefits, Loans, Allowances, and Credits to keep them silent, and busy today.

  • 1870-1890 • Congress began "collecting data" on all Americans private and commercial through the process of "Collectivism" by means of banking acts, the settlement acts, and other acts that attempted to convince Americans of giving up their sovereign property rights through the means of license, certificates, and commercial contracts.
  • 1890-1920 • Congress began the process of Corporatism whereas America began to encourage businesses to incorporate and attach themselves to the U.S Corporate Government (est. 1871), creating a period in time where Americans were contracting themselves ever more tightly to the federal government, thus doing business within federal territory.
  • 1920-1950 • Congress dives into Fascism, creating policies which heavily regulate those corporations, with the intent to control foreign commerce across the 50 States who do business within that Federal Territory - hence Multi Nationalism became the hallmark tradition of today,,, (Small Businesses began to de-platform).
  • 1950-1980 • Congress begins to dive into Socialism, starting to engage with Americans, by creating policies expanding upon Social Security by means of Disability, Survivorship, Insurance Benefits, creating Medicare, Medicaid, and Other Social Platforms we have grown to expect of today., including the Affordable Care Act, let alone other forms of benefits.
  • 1980-2010 • by 1990, Congress began to really work to align federal policies with more Global Policies, beginning to ship away, sell American tangible property rights off to foreign countries, businesses, persons with the goal of becoming more of a beneficiary of foreign labor, let alone seeking out, and gaining more foreign investments to fund federal roads, infrastructure, etc.

The Destruction of the American Republic had been completed by the Year 1990, to which was the Year George Bush made his profound announcement to the world...

Now think about this,

1990 as they had a pretty handle on the "company", after the revolution of 1860-1880 and the Bankruptcy Period of 1930-1950 after years of stealing our sovereignty. After George Bush announced the New World Order in 1990, The Socialists grabbed control of the Republican Party in 1997 with the Neocon Movement called a New American Century, it led to massive progressive policies being implemented, the following acts became adopted - NAFTA 1993, PATRIOT ACT 2001, ACA 2010...

By 2006, the birth of the Tea Party Movement was born and during Obama's first year a group of State Delegates met in Illinois to draft and adopt a Declaration, a List of Resolves becoming known as the 14 Articles of Freedom. This became the early movement to create the America First Policies .

In 2014 that Movement became the Patriot Movement, adopting the 1776 Revolution to Restore the Republic. This Delegates (2010 to 2014) began nominating new America First Candidates to the U.S HOUSE slowing down the progressive movement, used the Precinct Strategy to elect new Legislative Delegates, County and Precinct Committeemen and Women into State, County, and Precinct levels of Self Governance. This began to move policies back to the right. Back in line with the 1789 Constitution, leading to Donald Trump taking the helm as the Executive of this newfound Provisional Govt.

2017-2021 became the Pronunciation of the Trumpet, announcing to the Globe, that America is changing from within, the 1776 Battle Flag hoisted above the White House became that Nations Symbol.

All of Trump's leading policies were breaking down all of that socialist, progressive Era society. Eliminating high taxes, defending the Borders. Freeing the States, etc. We began to reinstall constitutional Justices, Judges, and Office Holders all throughout the country...

Today, 2022 to 2029 you're seeing the trials and tribulations of Donald Trump and the Republic vs the Investigations of the Administration-Corporate Company.

The next period will be 2030 to 2037 the Restoration of the Republic to its natural state of being minus all the Corporate structure. This may lead to war or it may not.

By 2040 if we win, we have reached a Full Jubilee, Renowned in our Faith and Country. One People, Under the House of God, to whom all 50 States acting as Free, and Sovereign Republics, Commonwealths are placed back above the National Government.

Our Founding Fathers had already thought this may happen, and they provided us a mechanism to grab control back.

The American Declaration of Independence provides to the American People just how to Take Back America, and to Establish a New Government. If you were to read it closely, and pay attention, there is a legal manner, and legal mechanism for doing so.

WHEN in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

The very open paragraph explains to the "people" just how this process is to work, and it includes the People organizing together, to put in place their Declaration, List of Resolves, and a List of Political Abuses of the Current Government today.

That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

This part explains the process the people must put into action, where their current government no longer works in their best interest, and instructs the people to adopt a new constitution (or amend the old one) to lay a new foundation, aligning it on a set of principles, while organizing that new government in the best image, and desires of the people of the time period and day.

And finally,

Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

The Government that the "People" thereby agree to put into effect, must be agreed to by All the People residing in their Political Subdivision, as defined by boundaries, borders, thus agreeing to lay their foundation of Public Buildings, Administration, and Public Roads, Infrastructure, and Services provided back the people - The People Most Commonly Accept this Government.

Our Founding Fathers did happen to warn us of doing such an act, for where the People Rise Up Against a longstanding government, the current government has the direct role to play in preserving order to protect those that may not agree.

Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

What they are explaining is to be careful of leading a "revolt" against a long-standing government, for in the mold of a revolution, people die, and others suffer the consequences, showing that these types of actions can turn ugly by design if we are not careful. The founders had arisen against the established order, Great Britain, and that "government" had the duty to uphold, and defend those that chose to remain a part of that established order.

This why, during the Period, 1763 to 1783, the American People chose to Adopt a Declaration, proclaiming themselves worthy enough to Stand on their Own, Provide to the English Crown, to the British Parliament, and to the Holy Roman Emperor, a list of of Abuses Made by the Current Government, providing to them a List of Resolves, in an Event to Find Compromise between the Two - that despite a few Battles between each along the way, the two sides finally began to agree to Separate from Each Other.

First, the American People Adopted their State Constitutions between 1770 to 1774, then they followed that by Putting into Effect their Articles of Confederation, forming the United States for America, implementing a Short-Term National Government, to which led to Great Britain, the Holy Roman Empire, and the Americans to Agree to the Peace Treaty of Paris 1783, to the final step, forming their Full-Time, Permanent Centralized Government, that many of the State's finally consented to by 1791.

The process that the American People chose to take, preserved to as many Americans their Lives, their Property, their Prosperity. This is the same process to which the People of South Dakota can take today in an effort to "Create" a better, newer, State Government, whereas the "States" themselves can recreate, and put into place a New Central Government in due time.

The People of the Counties of South Dakota, , a Free, Sovereign, Independent Republic of Free People can best organize together, county-by-county, precinct-by-precinct in an effort to adopt a Declaration, a List of Abuses of the Current Government, and Provide to that Government a List of Resolves that can be Prepared, much in the same manner of our founding fathers.

By organizing in this such manner, the People of the Counties by means of their Legislative Delegates, County and Precinct Committeemen and Women, and their Qualified Voters of the State can then choose to Elect through "Committees" their Governor, Lt. Governor, State Treasurer, State Auditor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Public Land, School, and Utility Commissioner - all with the intent of Organizing, Forming, and Establishing their "Interim Government" that acts in their interest.

The Purpose of this Interim Government is to work side by side with the "Current, Long Standing State Government" in an effort to settle differences, abuses of power, and iron out, and find agreement on their list of resolves to either fix the current government, or to put into action, the plan to replace that old government, with a new government to come in the years ahead.

If the two sides cannot agree, then the People of the Counties then can petition each other, and begin the process of holding a Special Statewide Convention, to engineer, amendments to the State Constitution creating a new government, Bill of Rights, thus Creating their new Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branch Offices, to which they will set into motion the plan to put their Interim Governmental Officials into Seats of Government, while Electing a New Legislature over the next few years ahead.

Over the first Six(6) Years, the People of the Counties will elect "new legislators", thus replacing the old, with the new, legislators that bind themselves to new, State Constitution, thus standing firm, in defense of, protection of, and to preserve private property rights, land rights, and America First Policies.

Each of the 50 States Must Completely Reorganize themselves, define their Territories, their State Governments, Install New At-Large Representatives, Legislatures, Supreme Courts, first.

Once this is complete, they then can Change their National Government in the years Ahead, Back to the Original Framework.

By also adding the Ordinance of 1788, which is a Planning and Zoning Ordinance to Establish Land Territories in America, our founders gave to us, the mechanisms to Take Back Control of Our Government, Creating New Governments where the Old Governments where no longer work in the best interests of the people. It is amazing at how many tools the "People" have at their disposal, in Restoring the Republic of Free People. We are a Nation of Free Republics and Commonwealths.

Some Legislators in Pierre truly believe they have total control over the People, but how can they, when all Powers are well vested in the Name of the People, not the legislators. WE simply delegated a small set of duties to the Legislature, but reserved to ourselves all other powers.

We are NOT a "State" of Political Parties, we are a "State of People" that together with Other States, Form a Nation of States.

Legislative Delegates, County Committee People, and Precinct People must Understand their Power, they do not so much represent the Democrat or Republican Organizations, they "Represent" the People of their Districts. Must Serve them Well.

At a Statewide Convention, the Delegates represent the S.D Legislature, the County Committee People represent the Counties, and the Precinct Committee People represent the precincts. The voters elected to represent their wishes as per Legislative Districts, Counties, and Precincts.

  • It starts with organizing under the Counties by holding Precinct Committees.
  • It then goes to a convention where we can choose, and pick our At Large Representatives – Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Auditor, Treasurer, Land Commissioner, U.S Senator, and “our” Elector for the President and Vice President.
  • Draw up a Resolution to Hold a “Special Election” unless the next General Election is within 30 days of choosing those Persons. Since this is 2024, “WE” will utilize the General Election to place our “Choices” on the Ballot come November 2024.
  • By S.D Law, those At-Large Reps take office in January of 2025, whereas, “Our” Elector for President goes to the Convention to cast his “Ballot” one for President, and one for VIce President in December 2024, of which we shall place our “guy” on those ballots.
  • By means of the Precinct Strategy, “WE” will put our people in “Official Offices” of which govern over the “state government” and of which our “Rightful Choice for President” will govern over the Federal Government in our “Image”.

Perhaps, my most important asset to the People of South Dakota, is as a Precinct Committeeman, working my way up the ranks, to lead the Republican Party into the future, a long drawn fight to Restore the Republic of South Dakota as one of 50 Free Groups of People, that make up, a Nation of Free Republics and Commonwealths - A Group of Free Persons on the Land.

I call upon the People of South Dakota to Become Precinct Committee Men and Women. Help to Reorganize, Restructure, and Return American back to a Free Republic, Removing Established Actors from our Congress, State Legislators, City Councils.

The Path to Freedom, lies within the People of the Counties, removing bad actors, and Organizing Together to Change the State Government Tomorrow. The power lies in the County and Precinct Men and Women, to Fix America Tomorrow.

As the Citizens of the Territory, and State of South Dakota elect Delegates and Committee Members to a Statewide Convention for the intent to amend or change the Constitution, thus restructuring, and rebuilding their "Government", the convention must provide by ordinance, rules of engagement to continue the current government in order to allow for the "temporary government" to come into full control, let alone for the public assets, properties, buildings, programs to be transferred to the ne government. 
The ordinance has to provide for the continuance of public debts, liabilities, expenses, bonds, fines, and forfeitures, obligations, from the old government, to be rolled over, as valid under the current government as adopted by the convention. 
All Public Officials, Officers, Agents, Judges, and other Bodies Corporate must remain in place, in their current offices, until, by proper schedule, the People of the Territory (or State) put their temporary government in place, which shall be for two years. 
At a Special Constitutional Election of the People, the Qualified Voters are to Vote yes or no on the new constitution, as well as a "City" to be the holder of the temporary government, which shall be the city that receives the majority of votes. 
The Qualified Voters must also vote by majority, to choose their GovernorLt. GovernorState Treasurer, State Auditor, Secretary of StateAttorney GeneralPublic School and Land CommissionerPublic Utilities CommissionerJudges of the Supreme, Circuit, and County courts, Representatives in CongressState Senators, and Representatives in the Legislature. Each shall hold their offices for a term of two years, to which they shall observe, and manage over the transfer from the old government to the new government. 
There shall be Sixty-Six State Legislators, and One-Hundred and Thirty To State Representatives in the State Legislature each to serve for two years, with the job to realign, and establish the State into legislative districts under the temporary form of government. 
The temporary government shall be put in place until the General Election to hich, shall be two years from the date of the special election held appointing the Temporary Seat of Government, the At-Large Office Holders, and all the Judges.  
During this two year period of time, the current Public Officers, Agents, Employees, Contractors, Corporate Bodies shall remain in place, while the Temporary Government Officials, Legislators, and Judges put in place their Permanent Government, and after all the Public Assets, Properties, Services, and Programs have been fully transferred from the old government to the new government, thus, restructuring, reorganizing the "State Government" under the People of the Counties of the Republic. 
All Power of the Territory (or State) shall always be vested in the name of the Landowners, Property Holders, Estates, the Counties and the Townships and Municipalities under them, to which elect their own public officials, commissions, councils, and corporate bodies of power.