For those citizens wanting to improve upon, and grant to fathers equal time, and in order to  protect their rights as parents to their children, the means of changing statewide policy related to  child support laws must be changed to repair a system which rewards one parent, and punishes  the other parent. 

The "public system" does not, and cannot profit from the means of "Shared Parenting" where it  cannot punish one parent.

Under the current system, the Court by means of the Bar-Authority made up of Attorneys, and  Judges, can best utilize current laws, which govern over public matters of the State as it relates  to Public Health, Safety, and Welfare of the children as today under SDCL 26-1-1 - the Parents  have given to the State the right to control their children, by means of surrendering to the State  the Certificate of Live Birth, hence, the Child today has a legal State issued Birth Certificate. 

Keep in mind, there is no law that requires your child to have a birth certificate until their 18th  Birthday. 
You can fully enroll your child in a Public School by utilizing an affidavit in lieu of the State  issued Birth Certificate, by means of a parent taking an oath that your child was born on land,  inside the borders of the State, yet alone has been baptized by a qualified church congregation  within our borders. 

By not having a Birth Certificate until your 18th Birthday, you are not yet a member of the State,  and the State at that point cannot enter into a "Relationship" with you at that point. 

A Birth Certificate is a "Commercial Financial Instrument '' used by the State to allow you to  conduct commercial activity within the State, and furthermore, does a child technically need one  to do so until he or she begins to drive on public roads, yet alone work within the jurisdiction of  the State? The answer is no.  

However, we are told to obtain a Birth Certificate for our children at birth, even though there is  no law that says the child needs one prior to his or her 18th Birthday. A Child is at that point only  perceived to be property of the mother and father, and not the State itself. 

A "State" is defined by, "A state is a political division of a body of people that occupies a  territory defined by frontiers. The state is sovereign in its territory and has the authority to  enforce a system of rules over the people living inside it." 

To that point, you, by surrendering your Child at birth, to the State, by obtaining his or her Birth  Certificate, you are in fact, and by law, giving the State the lawful Authority to form a "Relationship" with that child, who now acts as a citizen of the State in its own right - of which  now gives the State power over the child, by making it a Ward of the State from that point  forward, until, it's 18th birthday.  

As a Ward of the State, a child who now falls under S.D.C.L 1-1-1, is now considered property of  the state, or held in full custody of a public child welfare agency. 
So your "Parents" home now becomes a "Foster Home" in order to qualify to hold that Public  Property of the State. This now gives the "government" the directive to enter your home in the  public matter of health, safety, and wellness of the state.  

When the Mother and Father now get Divorced - the State maintains authority over the Child,  and because the Father is in most cases, the breadwinner, the main source of income to the  State, it is in the best financial interests of the State to reward Full Custody to the Mother, while  forcing the Father to now become the lessor parent, of which, now the State can impose a "tax"  or fee assessed to the Fathers Income, which technically cannot be more than 25% of the  Fathers Net Income, let alone charge the father Fines, Penalties, Sanctions under the Penal  Code if he now violates the divorce decree 

Can you see why the "system" of Bar Member Attorneys, of which the Judges also belong to,  now does not favor "Shared Parenting" - by taking the B.A.R they are sworn to protect the  interests of the Property Holder, in this case, which becomes the State itself. The "State" being  The Whole People". 

It would be, by the laws today, in our best interest to safeguard, look over, and to protect the  Health, Safety, and Welfare of that collective property of the state. 

Upon your divorce decree - the State, (The People) take full custody of your Child, collecting  revenues form the suspect, or lessor Parent.

In most cases, the Mother being the weaker, or earning less income, is given full custody rights,  while the Father having greater income, is now given visitation rights, of which is based on  having more income, and is held to pay the Child Support aka a Tax or Fee assessed to that  Income. 

The system has broken up the Family Unit in order to fully gain from the ownership rights of the  child, now held by the State. 
If you stop surrendering your child to the State at birth, and maintain full control of your child's rights,  then, and only then, may we finally change the system as it is today.  

Think of this for a second - Our Attorneys, Judges, District Judges, District Attorneys, State  Attorneys have all taken a vow to the B.A.R - the British Accredited Registry of Attorneys, they  have agreed to uphold and protect the "Property Holder" of all Persons, Lands, Real and  Tangible Property Rights. When all "People" today have surrendered themselves to the State  as Legal Fiction, or Legal Persons "Under the State" - and since the 1930's most Americans  have surrendered themselves to the State, obtaining Birth Certificates, their Land is today held  by the State, their Property is today Licensed, Permitted, Controlled by the State, and all such  Activities are controlled by the State by means of those licenses, permits, the penal code, etc - who do you think is today, the "Property Holder"... 

If, Parents knew what they were doing the day they gave birth to their child - they would have never  given up their child's rights to the State to obtain their Birth Certificate. Knowing the facts, your child  does not need a Certificate to join a Public School, thanks to the fact, you, as "the citizen" , pay property  taxes, sales taxes, to support such public education alone.  
By paying those taxes, is what gives you the right to place that child in a public school. And by simply  acting as a citizen of the State itself, and within those facts and the law, grants to your child of whom, is  born within the borders of South Dakota, and was baptized by a Pastor, within a Congregation of a  Church, within the communities of South Dakota - that fact alone, allows you to utilize the "Affidavit in  Lieu of the Certificate''

Your Child does not need a Birth Certificate - for it is nothing more than a Financial Instrument that a  Legal Adult must utilize within the State to obtain a Driver License, to gain Employment, to Sign  Commercial Contracts, to Buy Property inside South Dakota.  

Think About it - Does Your Child plan on doing any of this before his or her 14th Birthday? Do You as a  Parent really wish to give up your full property rights to your child prior to his or her graduation? Think  about what you are doing when you are tricked into obtaining a Birth Certificate in the Name of Your  Child.. 

The 1930's have a lot to do with this, cause as a Country, we adopted the 1935 Social Security Act, then  the 1939 Public Salary Tax Act, all of which now, if you, the Parent now officially obtain a Birth  Certificate in Your Child's Name, you are now allowed to claim all of your related child expenses of  raising your Child on your Federal 1040 Tax Assessment. Meaning, you have sold your sovereignty to the  Federal Govt, let alone allows your State to profit from all the federal grants, monies with each and  every birth certificate it can collect from the citizens of the state.
A Tax Subsidy, Credit, or Allowance is nothing more than a bribe, to deceive you, to give up your  Sovereignty.  

In South Dakota, we adopted S.D.C.L 26-1-1 which allows you the Parent to now 'act' as your child, to  sign his or her name on all financial documents, open bank accounts, trusts, and other accounts to profit  from, or control your child's life prior to his 18th Birthday, all under the 1935 Social Security Act, the  1939 Public Salary Tax Act, as well in addition to, the 1967 Medicare and Medicaid Act, and furthermore,  the extended expansions to the Social Security of Survivorship, Disability Acts that followed in the early  1970's. 

As part of the 1933 Federal Emergency Banking Act, an act adopted by the 73rd Congress, they adopted  a resolution, a promise made by the states, to convince, you the citizens of such state to surrender all  such property rights to land, real property, tangible property, and person to the state, giving to the  "State" full custodial property rights to the property, of which under acts adopted by congress, now  transfers those natural rights to the Federal Government by means of the Federal Reserve System.  

Today, it is true, your Judges, Attorneys are all sworn to Protect the Property Owner - You have given  the State the means to control all parts of your Child's life, and that has to change first, before "WE" can  adopt a new plan called Shared Parenting.