The period shortly after the end of the Civil War, led to the creation of what today has become known as the deep state. And while today, we have this political battle of which seemingly we have the investigations of the Biden Family, and the Trials of Donald Trump, all these things are being done to expose the fact there is a "Deep State", and it is collapsing before our very eyes. So who is the Deep State, and how did it rise to power? 
It all began shortly after the Civil War 1861-65 - when they, the International Bankers who helped fund the war, pitted the "Free States" vs the "Regulated States" against each other, while afterwards, the country was reconstructed back together the country to become owned and operated by the International Bankers, the Foreign Investors to which own the bank, and led by the lawyers to which use their power to defend their interests. 

It all began during Andrew Jackson's presidency, the year as 1836, and the event was the closing of, and shutdown of the 2nd Bank of North America. 

During this period, led by President Jackson, the Banking War was reaching a new level, while the 2nd Bank was effectively closed, what was occuring, was the "States" themselves were establishing State owned banks, to which they would work closely with the Federal Treasury of whom set the exchange rates of Livestock, Gold, Silver, Oil , Land, Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, and so forth. This allowed for each of the individual States to become freer, and more independent. This also set up a 'war' for power in America, between the International Bankers and the Western Banks themselves. 

Beginning almost immediately, the international bankers began causing banking panics, first in 1837 by leading the effort to crash the economy by withdrawing all of its loans, securities, and notes throughout the country, which led to one of America's worst depressions of the economy ever. 

During this same time period, Great Britain began working more closely with the Southern States, mostly the farmers, the plantation owners, of whom many of them were chartered by Parliament, with the goal to utilize cheap labor to grow plants, vegigation, and the food supply, all of which would provide back to Great Britain itself. All this led to the Protection Tariffs being placed on the industry, of which were supposed to balance out the two American economies. 

As new states were added, Henry Clay came to the rescue, this is where he adopted his Great Compromise, the Mason Dixon Line. Every State north of the line would be heavily regulated, and controlled by D.C politicians, of which were bound to the 1783 Peace Treaty, thanks to the many agreements made in the treaty itself - one most important agreement, the "States" owed Bank Notes to the Bank of England, Restitution to British Subjects, and Royalties from the activities of the land, land of which was since given to the American States upon the treaty itself; while for those newly formed States south of the Mason-Dixon Line, they were to become Free, Independent, Sovereign States, part of the union of course, but were to be less regulated, and less controlled by D.C.

Keep in mind, France had closer ties with many of the Northern States, thanks to the role it played in helping them win the Revolutionary War, let alone the Louisiana Purchase to which the dollars paid to France helped the French win their independence during the Napoleonic Wars. So you had these stark differences fast leading the country, during a time period of which the country was expanding westward. 

Many do not realize, but, led by Great Britain's parliament, they chartered many of the plantations, or colonies of which were popping up all across the South, which allowed for Great Britain itself to maintain some sense of control in the States, benefiting from the cheap, indentured labor that produced the industry.

This huge difference in economies are what leads to the tariff war between the North and South, and thanks to the northern states being ever bound to D.C, they were heavily taxed, their economies depressed, while in the south, their economy was freer, less regulated, and prosperous. Protection Tariffs were placed on all business transactions between the States and Foreign Commerce - nearly as high as 36% in order to balance out the two economic sides. 

By 1850, the Americans in the Territory of California submitted an application to Congress to become a "State", which presented a few challenges. Mainly, the territory stretched from the Mexican border, northward to the Oregon territory, of which meant it crossed over the Mason, Dixon line. Would it be a free state, or would it become a federalized, regulated state, controlled by D.C politicians?

A second compromise was agreed to, California would become a "Federally, regulated State" controlled by the District of Columbia, as means of collecting taxes, to pay off the English Bankers...

Mind you, the tariffs were supposed to be utilized by ALL States equally, but many of them were collected, and paid by the Southern States, which highly created tension, especially, since much of the foreign commerce heavily depended on the Agricultural Industry managed by the Plantations themselves. 

Enter Abraham Lincoln, who saw this split fast approaching, and it was many of Lincoln's decisions that led to the Civil War in the first place. First, he raised the tariffs back to 40%, a very high amount for the time, second, he promised half the payment to the Bank of England, which angered the south even more, and third, he created the Internal Revenue Office, creating regional offices all across the United States, or Federal territories, of which he told the "States' failure to assess, remit, and pay the tax, he was willing to go to war with them, committing U.S Armies and the Navy to that cause, and lastly, he amends the 1841 Settlement Act, and by 1862, the Homestead Act was adopted, which allowed only "Americans" who did not take up arms against the Federal Government, to settle, purchase, and claim land across the North American Continent, with the proceeds helping to ramp up war efforts against the south. 

Many of these American Conflicts began at, and were held at Lincoln's Tax Forts, of which the Southerners saw as a threat upon their sovereignty.  Up until now, the battle for supremacy was dead even, simple conflicts were protests broke out, by 1863 however, Lincoln expanded his war efforts, when he signed the Lieber Act, also known as General Order 100 - the first Presidential Executive Order. 

General Order 100 basically establishes a Federalized Military Zone all across the Southern States, mainly used to protect all Federal properties, enclaves, and forts, of which Lincoln had a duty to uphold, and protect, and operate. The order establishes martial law, allowing Lincoln to use military force to control all such activities, conquer, and capture 'war criminals' aka prisoners of war, let alone help capture African-Americans who were attempting to flee the area.

Coincidentally, at this same time, Lincoln adopts a second executive order, best known as the Emancipation Act, of which not only frees all African-Americans from being bound to the plantations, it also frees any prisoner of war to which Americans pledged an oath to support, and help defend the Federal Government itself. In this act, lies the 13 and 14 Amendments. 

In a little over a year, the American Conflict was over, and by 1868, America was being put back together again, by means of Reconstructing it in such manner, that all States will forever be bound to, and controlled under the "Military Order", as federally controlled states, to which are contractually bound. 

First, the 13 Amendment was adopted, and forced upon all American States of which signed the treaty, and in order to maintain some of their liberties, they had to agree to surrender, and proclaim all African-Americans and War Slaves to be free, and sovereign to live peacefully upon the land. 
Second, the Civil Right Acts were being adopted by Congress, giving to all African-Americans, and to all the recently Freed Prisoners of War civil rights, so long as they pledged their loyalty to the Federal Government, and never again, committed treason, insurrections, rebellions against the government. So long as they maintained that pledge, they were granted immunity, civil rights, and their freedom inside the Federal militarized zone, the Territory of D.C. 

And Third, the 14th Amendment was adopted, to make all these freed African-Americans and War Prisoners U.S Citizens, giving to them the same rights and protections under the Constitution, as any other American has throughout the United States, however, it also forced all "States" to accept any such U.S Citizen to which has Civil Rights, Immunities, and Protections, to be treated in all "States" as if they were also American Citizens of the States themselves. 

However, the amendment also means, that any American who previously took a pledge to the United States Constitution, but rose up in defile of the federal government, meaning they caused a rebellion, attempting to take up arms against the Federal Government, they were no longer to become a U.S Senator, U.S House of Representative, become an Elector for President and Vice President, let alone hold any Public Office under the Federal Government itself, nor hold any public office of any such "State" of which they would be in a direct role of influencing Federal laws, foreign policies, let alone vote to elect the President or Vice President...from this point forward, these people were no longer have the right to influence National Affairs.

With that, the United States was being reconstructed back together as a "federal militarized zone", while in 1871 the Congress adopted the District of Columbia Organic Act, of which incorporated all Federal Lands, Properties, Programs, Enclaves, Military Bases, all U.S Persons, placing them under a Federal Governor and two Secretaries, of which now creates the United States Corporation, of which today, contracts all "Foreign Contracts" to the States.

This further separates the Federalized States from the American Republics, or the Free States of the Union as first declared under the Declaration, the Articles of Confederation, and the U.S Constitution - it places all Federal Property, Military Programs, and Persons under its control. 

And finally, in 1874, Congress creates the Act to Create a Government for the District of Columbia, of which was a municipality act, of which now gives to the "people" residing in this territory a Mayor, City Council (9 members), and the ability to raise taxes, govern themselves, and act as sovereign people inside the territory itself, meaning, they have the right to sue, and be sued, let alone the right to establish for themselves city-wide programs, jails, prisons, districts, etc. 

So, by 1880, you now see, there are two versions of the United States itself, on one side, you have the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA of which is now the Federalized Territory of the District of Columbia, and two, on the other side, you have the United States "For" America of which are the Individual State Republics, of whom act independently, are free, and are sovereign in themselves, fully capable to govern themselves side by side to the other. 

The 14th Amendment speaks of these two complete, and separate jurisdictions, and it could not be further from the truth, as you can only have one domicile at one time, meaning you are either a "Citizen" of the UNITED STATES, or you are a "citizen" of any of the Free, and Sovereign State Republics. 

From this point forward, anyone who now speaks out against the Federal Government, will not be looked at as a Domestic Terrorist, let alone may lose their U.S Citizenship, meaning, they may not be allowed to become a U.S Senator, U.S Representative, nor an Elector for President. 

Now you see why this so-called "Deep State" is so inclined to go after Donald Trump and any of the so-called American Patriots, let alone the Churches. 

Between 1890 and 1940, the Deep State Bankers, Foreign Investors, and the lawyers were seemingly building stronger, the Federalized States, binding them ever more tightly to this Bureaucracy - first by the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913 and Amendments 16 and 17, of which leads to 1933 Federal Emergency Banking Act, then to the 1933 Gold Reduction Act, and finally the 1935 Social Security Act, all of which bounds more and more "Americans" to D.C. 

Later on, under the New Deal Acts, Congress further pushes for, and enslaves these "Federal Persons" to the 1938 Federal Minimum Wage Act which is nothing more than a minimum tax threshold, of which they adopt the Uniform Commercial Code to which contractually binds the "American States" even closer to the Federal Government by allowing the Federal Reserve to gain more controls of their economies, banking industries, while lastly, they adopt the 1939 Public Salary Tax Act of which has since been amended by the 1954 Internal Revenue Act, the 1986 Tax Reform Act, and the 2017 American Jobs Act.

By the mid 1990's - during the George H.W Bush and Bill Clinton's presidencies, the people in charge were adopting the Project for a New American Century. It was a loosely created document that paved the way to establish the so-called Neocons and Left Wing Agenda binding Federal Bureaucracy to the greater good of a federalized union of states, of which would be protected, and supported by an ever stronger defense mechanism. 

What is the Neo-Conservative Ideology - a former liberal espousing political conservatism, a conservative who advocates the assertive promotion of democracy and U.S. national interest in international affairs including through military means of expanding the national defense system to reach out to other countries, with the hopes of establishing democracies around the globe, using the military and other democratic means of doing so.

This group of people began to rise to power towards the end of Ronald Reagan's presidency, and the fall of the Soviet Union, of which led to the North American Trade Agreement, and the several political conflicts across the globe, using military intelligence, the C.I.A and the other agencies to promote the agenda. It has led to the First Gulf War, Operation Liberate Kuwait, and to the War on Terror of which we see today. 

The Project for the New American Century (PNAC) was established in 1997 by a number of leading neoconservative writers and pundits to advocate aggressive U.S. foreign policies and  rally support for American global leadership.
One of the group s founding documents claimed,  a Reaganite policy of military strength and moral clarity may not be fashionable today. But it is necessary if the United States is to build on the successes of this past century and to ensure our security and our greatness in the next.

Known for its ability to attract divergent political factions behind its foreign policy agenda,
the group repeatedly demonstrated with its numerous sign-on letters and public statements,
forged an influential coalition of rightist political actors in support of its calls for an aggressive  war on terror  aimed largely at the Middle East,
group was arguably the most effective proponent of neoconservative ideas during the period between the beginning of President Bill Clinton s second term and President George W. Bush s 2003 decision to invade Iraq.
Before establishing PNAC, neoconservatives and their hardline nationalist allies began aggressively promoting ideas meant to replace the militant anticommunism that dominated U.S. policy during much of the Cold War.
A key step in this process was the 1995 establishment of the Weekly Standard,  by two scions of the neoconservative movement, William Kristol, and John Podhoretz.  
Together with Fred Barnes, a former correspondent for The New Republic, they secured funding from media mogul, Robert Mudoch to support the magazine, which quickly replaced Commentary as the high-profile outlet of neoconservative ideas.
Kristol and Kagan wrote an article for Foreign Affairs that became a sort of founding statement for the new neoconservative agenda. Entitled  Toward a Neo-Reaganite Foreign Policy,  the article established several pillars of a post-Cold War foreign policy agenda, including maintaining a benevolent hegemony based in part on a willingness to use force unilaterally and preemptively.
The main enemy was internal, and in Kagan and Kristol s opinion, it was  time once again to challenge an indifferent America and a confused American conservatism.  
They added:  In a world in which peace and American security depend on American power and the will to use it, the main threat the United States faces now and in the future is its own weakness. American hegemony is the only reliable defense against a breakdown of peace and international order. The appropriate goal of American foreign policy, therefore, is to preserve that hegemony as far into the future as possible. To achieve this goal, the United States needs a neo-Reaganite foreign policy of military supremacy and moral confidence."

Between 1990 and 2010,  you now see this greater, leftist movement of where the Federal Government was being suckered into this war for attrition to use full control of the military, to conquer its enemies, both foreign, domestic, and any so called person who tends to get into its way. They were changing the Republican Party itself to become a leftist, political engine, combining with many of the Democrat led efforts to grow the size of the federal government, forcing states to become ever more dependent on its services, with the greater goal of spreading democracy across the globe. 

By 2010, Americans began rising up against this neocon movement, they first led the effort shortly after the Patriot Act of 2004, and the Affordable Care Act of 2010, leading to the so called Tea Party Movement of which led the effort to replace many of these so called leftist idealistic persons in Washington D.C, with a steady means of installing "Patriots" into the U.S Senate, the U.S House, the Executive Mansion, let alone utilizing the Precinct Strategy, to push for, and install what has become known today as the "Freedom Caucus" in many of the State Legislatures, County Commissions, and City Councils in all of the 50 States today. 

The Freedom Caucus had policy goals in mind, most of its work has focused on disrupting and altering the internal workings of the House. If it could wrest away some of the speaker s power, the thinking went, more conservative legislation might have a better shot at passing. One early and consistent way the Freedom Caucus did this was by voting against traditional house rules, slowing down the legislative process and making it harder for bills that the caucus wasn t happy with to come up for a vote. But it also took some bigger swings. for in 2015, it began pushing to remove then, House Speaker, John Boehner, hence, leading an effort to rid the House of any of its remaining neo-con politicians. 

So, You now see how the Tea Party Movement that began in the summer of 2010, has now led to what today has commonly been known as the Patriot Movement all across the United States, allowing a more constitutional core group of Americans to come forward to combat, and cause disruptions to the established order in the Nations Capitol. This strong, dedicated group of Americans have formed, and created the America First Movement, where the Freedom Caucus has now since, has been growing ever so stronger within the "States' themselves, of which are electing internally, more constitutional bound "County and Precinct Committeemen and Women" of whom within States, such as Texas, Florida, South Dakota, South Carolina are coming to power, using some of the same coming of age concepts, first invented, and formatted by our Founding Fathers. 

Out of this movement, came the Presidency of Donald Trump - of which became the symbol around the world, that America was changing from within. 

Between 2017 and 2021, the America First Policies, the Freedom Caucus, and the Patriot Movement have caused many disruptions around the country, it has led to powerful movements to change the Supreme Court, the U.S  House, and several of the State Governorships, Legislature's, and State Courts. 

During the summer of 2020, we saw these two sides going to war, fighting each other for supremacy in Washington D.C. We saw the many riots, conflicts, and invasion of private rights being done on many American Businesses, all with the goal to reek havoc on the American Economy, using the Covid-19 Pandemic in such means, to disrupt a rapidly growing economy under Donald Trump, all of which led to the gross manipulation of the 2020 Presidential election, to which enabled Joe Biden to steal, or take the presidency from Trump himself. 

The Trials of Donald Trump, and the Investigations of the Biden Family, are today, seen as a political battle shaping up between the Freedom Caucus vs the Neo-Con, Leftist Political Established Order, and we are seeing all this play out at both the National level, as well as the State level side side. 

While nationally, we how far the Deep State will fight to maintain control in its quest to rid Donald Trump of his right to a Second Term, deep in South Dakota politics, we are seeing the desire of Neo-Cons led by Governor Kristi Noem, Lee Schoenbeck, and Others play out in a quest to maintain control over those "Freedom-Loving Americans" of whom are causing havoc within the counties, and precincts, using the precinct strategy to grab control of the State itself. 

Are we seeing a changing of the Guard in America today? Well, to best answer that question, look at the effects of the Civil War had on this country during the period after the war, and compare it today, the effects of Federal policies since are playing a huge role in this fight for Freedom vs Tyranny today!